Episode 86: The 6 things that you need to unlearn to sell stuff successfully

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In this episode, I talked about unlearning some things that might be standing in the way of your success in selling stuff in your business. Here are the six key points we covered:

1. seeing your work through the prism of educational value

2. focusing on the language rather than people’s problems and needs

3. focusing on the ‘what’ rather than ‘for who’

4. being passive  in your marketing

5. taking responsibility for people’s results

6. letting mindset gremlins win


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Timestamped overview:

[00:01:00] Summer is a good time to develop a business with passive income.

[00:06:19] Focus on building an audience beyond just educational content, mindset shift needed to see value beyond teaching. Need to separate teaching and business identity.

[00:11:05] Social media success doesn’t guarantee goals; unless it’s for sponsorship or influence. Sustainable income and generating leads are more important. Content made to appeal to the masses can be too generic; don’t focus too much on language.

[00:15:44] Be specific about the people you serve. English teaching requires micro or nano specificity. Other languages easier to stand out.

[00:17:11] Narrow marketing is effective, generic marketing doesn’t work. Relevant messaging is key.

[00:20:37] A website/profile alone won’t generate interest; be clear on target audience, listen to them and be proactive in marketing

[00:25:56] Bro marketing promises unrealistic results disregarding individual differences and taking responsibility for others’ results is toxic and undermines independence.

[00:29:08] Passive income allows success and helping people at a larger scale. Don’t let fears hold you back. Teachers can overcome limiting beliefs.


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