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Business coaching and mentoring for teachers and coaches

Empowering freelance language teachers and coaches to make a meaningful impact in their students' lives while achieving financial freedom

Hey, I'm Ola!

And I’m a teacher, just like you. I’ve always had a knack for sharing my knowledge with others and the greatest satisfaction I feel is when I see those big lightbulbs lighting up above people’s heads.

Let’s be honest, people who go into teaching are usually deeply passionate about it! They, or we (because that’s me as well) love the language #languagenerds, can’t help but share our love for it (hence the ocean of language-related content on social media😁) and feel really passionate about connecting with people and helping them reach their goals.

In my 14-year career as an English teacher, a CELTA teacher trainer, a manager in a language school in London and finally, an online language school owner, I’ve got to know the language teaching world inside out. Language education is a very specific field with very special people going into it. They sometimes go into teaching by accident (that was my case😂) but stay for longer because it’s just so satisfying!

But there is a darker side to it. Teachers either work in state/public schools and often get burned out and lose their passion for the job because of tons of bureaucracy or work for language schools that, well, aren’t perfect either. The jobs aren’t stable and the schools often ask teachers to work with people at all sorts of levels, ages or with different abilities for very little in return. When asked why teachers can’t be paid more, the managers always talk about some profit margin BS and say that ‘teachers knew what they were signing up for’. Did they? (Btw that is an actual conversation I once had)

But there is a way out that many teachers soon discover. Freelancing 🤩 So many teachers I know start by having some private students on the side where they can teach what they want, work when they want and charge as much as they want. Well, at least in theory…


We're great at teaching. But marketing? That's a different story...

Freelance teachers are special. They understand that there is more to life and their jobs than working for schools. So they try working for online platforms or find private students via word of mouth. But that’s where they often get stuck. And no wonder they do.

I have never come across a teaching program that teaches you the rules of marketing, sales and business. In 2021 I realised that this is a real problem. Teachers want to work for themselves, get their own clients, be free, independent and make more money but they literally don’t know how to do it effectively. As soon as they try they get lost in a massive ocean of other teachers doing the exact same thing. So they advertise their classes to everyone, create tons of free content on Instagram and just wait. They sometimes get 1:1 clients but often get burned out trying to find more, rely on word of mouth and have no time to post 3 times a day on social media. Not to mention creating other offers or products!

And this is where I come in. For the last 2 years, I have developed mentorship programs, courses and coaching packages that help teachers monetise their skills and expertise, avoid burnout, price their work more effectively, stand out from the crowd and be happier.

I have worked with over 300 teachers from 24 countries in the world now – they teach all sorts of languages from English to French, Italian and even Serbian or Romanian!

My vision is to create a community of thriving freelance language teachers who are making a meaningful impact in their students’ lives while achieving financial freedom.

Are you going to be one of them?❤️


What teachers have said about working with me

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She is a better investment than bitcoin!

I had the pleasure to work with Ola both in the Rocket and one-on-one. Ola is a genius! She not only helped me with my course outline and business basics, but also she helped me set up my business from scratch! Her support and expertise are off-limits.

I must say, she is an embodiment of creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset on steroids! If you have to buy any course or program, I recommend OLA! She is a better investment than bitcoin! Your ELT business will grow, and you will only regret you had not invested earlier!

Anna Rzepecka – Karwowska, Canada

You definitely want to get in Ola’s orbit!
I honestly don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t come across Ola and her Instagram page! Joining her community is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my teaching career and business!
I am a solo entrepreneur/English teacher who started my own business, but I felt lost and isolated. Once I watched Ola’s content, I immediately felt like she was speaking my language! She knew how to articulate my struggles, she also called out a bit of my BS (in the most loving way), so I immediately jumped on the opportunity to join her membership program, the ELTpreneurs! I have met so many fantastic people in the language teaching world, learned more about being a more impactful teacher and coach, as well as navigating expanding my business, niching down and finding the audience I want to serve.
You definitely want to get in Ola’s orbit! ??
Stephanie Cohen, Czechia 
I recommend working with Ola 100%!

Ola has helped me understand better how to align my teaching business with my own values, my energy and my true self – and honestly, I believe that’s one of the most important things I’ve ever learnt about being a business owner! There are so many people out there teaching you how to build a successful business and generate a lot of money, yet so many of them forget about the most important thing – how to be happy and aligned with your true purpose in business (and trust me, money will not get you there if you don’t get other things right!) That’s why I love Ola’s approach and energy so much. She will help you overcome your blocking beliefs about teaching and she’ll show you how to become more self-confident both as a teacher and as a business owner. Ola has also showed me some great strategies to promote my group classes and reach my dream clients. I recommend working with Ola 100%!

Paola Menin, Spain

Ola, thanks for believing in me!

Hi there, I’m Marta and I’m from Poland. I run a small Elt business and give lessons to teenagers. I’ve been working with Ola for a couple of months now and I’ve already achieved a lot.

Thanks to her I wrote my first agreement and stopped losing money because of last-minute cancellations. Also, I’ve improved the quality of my lessons as Ola encouraged me to come up with some new ideas and implement them immediately. I’m looking forward to our next coaching call.

Don’t hesitate to contact her because she’s the best coach ever. Down-to-earth, creative, supportive, encouraging, and extremely understanding but firm when necessary. Ola, thanks for believing in me!

Marta Majchrzak, Poland

Her podcast is pure gold!

Ola is a bomb of energy! ? I have listened to her podcast which is pure gold with a lot of valuable information that can help us build our teaching business. ♥️ I have learned so much from her with only her free content. Imagine how much we can grow with her paid offers. She’s that coach I’ve been looking for and I can’t wait to join the next Rocket. ? Thank you Ola for all you share with us.

Gabriella Aguirre, Venezuela