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What do teachers and entrepreneurs have in common?

They both know how to plan, lead and communicate.

So if you still don’t think you’re cut out to run a business, my dear teacher, think again.

You don’t have to be a marketing expert to run
a thriving teaching business.

You don’t have to change your personality, post every day, send cold messages or scale at one hundred miles per hour either. Because the reality is, there is no one secret method or hack for growing a profitable language business.

You, your work and your students are unique, which means that your path to success is too.

👉 Hate the idea of filming reels or videos? No problemo.

👉 Don’t want to completely give up 1:1s? OK!

👉 Want to teach better, not less? Awesome.

Trust me when I say that you don’t have to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. You simply need a sustainable plan that suits you, your strengths and your lifestyle.

And that’s where I come in!

Whether you’ve recently started freelancing or you’re ready to scale…

I’ll teach you how to build your business your way.

With personalised, practical, no-BS advice to follow, you’ll feel more validated, supported and excited to take action than ever before!

Ola has helped me understand better how to align my teaching business with my own values, my energy and my true self – and honestly, I believe that’s one of the most important things I’ve ever learnt about being a business owner! There are so many people out there teaching you how to build a successful business and generate a lot of money, yet so many of them forget about the most important thing – how to be happy and aligned with your true purpose in business (and trust me, money will not get you there if you don’t get other things right!) That’s why I love Ola’s approach and energy so much. She will help you overcome your blocking beliefs about teaching and she’ll show you how to become more self-confident both as a teacher and as a business owner. Ola has also showed me some great strategies to promote my group classes and reach my dream clients. I recommend working with Ola 100%!

Paola Menin

English teacher, Spain

Business coaching for language teachers

These are a series of coaching programs that take you from the early stages of building your business to scaling to new heights. Start at the stage that best describes your current situation.

Not sure which program is right for you? Ask me using the chat function below!

You may be wondering what happens when we work together?

I won’t promise all of this can happen overnight, but here’s what has happened for many of my clients…

You will finally have clarity over the practical steps you need to take to grow your business (in the way you want).
You will feel supported, seen and validated by a community of superstar teachers from all around the world.
You will discover that marketing can be easy and enjoyable and not feel shit or sleazy.
You will be transformed into a confident business owner who’s not afraid to take action, experiment and try out exciting new ideas.
You will attract a steady stream of students who you LOVE working with and whose lives you make a real impact on.

And you may even be able to go on holiday, take breaks, put money aside for retirement and live a happier, fuller and freer life without all that financial anxiety.

I think you deserve that, don’t you?

“Before, I felt super under-qualified as a business owner. I was a super teacher - not a super entrepreneur! I didn’t have a single class on how to do marketing, make my business more scalable or how to design a brand! Frankly, I navigated with my eyes closed and hoped for the best outcome, which often left me feeling uneasy 🙁

My business was absolutely revolutionised since the Rocket! I increased my prices so that I finally earn a happy wage, I introduced 3 seasonal offers, and nothing beats the sense of stability and pride my new income gives me (f*** to all the people who said I’d never earn as much as my engineer fiancé because guess what ). You don’t even know how many possibilities there are until you’ve worked with you Ola!”

Julia Dziuba

Cambridge exam trainer, Poland

Let’s build a business you feel proud to promote!

Ola Coaches Teachers offers online business coaching programs for language teachers.

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