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Ready to create your own successful ELT business?

Let me guess…

You are a talented, driven, and motivated ELT professional. You are extremely creative, you care greatly about your students and you believe you have the ideas that could create a profitable business.

Maybe you’ve even started acting on the idea and had some success, but are struggling to stand out online. You feel a bit overwhelmed and are not sure what to do next to make that dream of yours a reality.

You have all the experience and expertise in your teaching field and you know that you can help people. MORE SO! You can change their lives.

Getting started is always the hardest step, but you know that now is the time to take action. And you know there is NO STOPPING now. Because if you stop, you’ll never do it.

You are not alone! I have actually been there myself.

In case we haven’t met –

Hey, I’m Ola!

I went into teaching out of curiosity, passion, and feeling inspired by the people I could help. In my years of teaching young learners, teenagers, adults, business clients, immigrants, and even mums I have begun to notice a pattern of teachers’ existence. They are mainly focused on giving. Which is a great thing, but unfortunately not for those who constantly give.

After years of working, teaching, planning, and being exhausted I decided to take a huge leap and move countries. When I first moved to the UK, my reality looked similar to what I experienced before. Therefore, I decided to push myself even further – I did my DELTA and soon after got my first managerial job in a big language school, where I learned tons of useful things. I then realised my dream of becoming a CELTA trainer. That journey and my expertise made me think that I could actually do something on my own and maybe even be successful?! (Spoiler alert: I AM!)

Because I always craved more freedom, making more impact, and MORE MONEY.

In 2020 I started building my own online business. It was really complicated and overwhelming! At first, I focused on teacher training. Then I also opened a successful online language school (where I managed a team of 6) to finally realise that helping teachers is what I am best at and what brings me the most satisfaction. On my business journey, I have learned vital knowledge about marketing, social media, sales, goals, strategy, money mindset, entrepreneurship mindset, questioning, curriculum design, logistics, accountancy, and payments. And, now I want to share this with YOU, my ELT tribe! And I want to share it with people who are in the position I used to be in. I want to be their guide so they do it FASTER, MORE EFFECTIVELY, and with MORE IMPACT.

Ways I Can Help YOU Create Your Own Successful ELT Business

I have now created a program that I believe will help you reach the position I am at but WITHOUT the endless research, uncertainty, nobody to be accountable to, doubt, trial and error (well, there will be a bit of that!), and stress.

In 9 weeks we can change your reality. We can get that idea of yours off the ground or improve the one that you’ve already started acting on. This will be with the help of me as your coach, mentor, advisor, expert, and possibly even your friend (I’d really like that…)

Your awesomeness, creativity, drive, and expertise in ELT along with my expertise in business, mindset, strategy, and online entrepreneurship plus my contagious enthusiasm and energy are likely going to CREATE SOMETHING SPECIAL!

So what you’ll get:

📱 12 coaching calls (45 mins each) over 4 months

📧 continuous support via email (feedback on your materials, your course, your curriculum, your website, your social media profiles etc and any other questions)

💪 constant motivation, inspiration and support via Whatsapp/voice messages

🗒️ recordings and notes from each call with lifetime access

✅ a clear step-by-step plan of action for you to implement and be held accountable for

💻 Google Drive access to all documents, resources, and workbooks that we work on during and in between calls (yes, you will be given lots of homework!)

🔥 BONUS!!! FREE membership for the duration of our work together in my signature club for ELT online biz owners – ELTpreneurs!

Examples of some of the coaching topics covered

  • help in building an ELT business from scratch
  • help in coming up with ways of working smarter in your existing online biz
  • ways of expanding your existing biz to wider audiences
  • advice on marketing and finding best ways of marketing for your services
  • advice on successful sales process
  • building a website, funnels, landing pages
  • how to choose your perfect niche in ELT
  • how to stand out online as an ELT professional/business
  • how to manage your mindset
  • how to think about pricing of your services
  • how to start treating students as clients
  • how to turn your idea(s) into reality
  • what online tools to use when managing an online business
  • advice on materials creation
  • advice on utilising social media for the ELT profession/business
  • website creation – what to pay close attention to
  • email marketing
  • public speaking (also online!) for the ELT industry and/or in your business
    …and many more.

Your investment

£1199 or 4 payments of £299 (longer payment plans available if you book in advance!)

Now, the ball is in your court.
Book your non-obligatory discovery call with me below👇👇👇