Episode 69: What you should but don’t know about investing your money as a teacher – chatting to Nicola Prentis

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In this episode I’m chatting to Nicola Prentis. Nicola teaches beginners and especially educators and writers how to put their money to work by demystifying investing and giving them the tools, knowledge and mindset to take charge of their finances without the help (and expense) of a financial advisor.

That sounds amazing, doesn’t it? I’m literally an A0 level of a beginner at investing so I asked Nicola some relevant questions that you may also have:

  • why should we invest our money?
  • why don’t people invest their money more?
  • what mindset blocks do educators have that make it difficult to make effective financial decisions.

Since this podcast is called ‘Get richer’ teacher’ and Nicola is a great advocate of a saying ‘Rich people don’t work for money, their money works for them.’ we really had lots to talk about. The goal for both of us is the same – helping people get richer. Let’s look at it from a different perspective today, then, shall we?

Listen to this fascinating chat to learn more about investing, stock market , money mindset and more money-related stuff that doesn’t have to feel scary or overwhelming at all.

If you want to find out more about Nicola, follow her on LinkedIn and check out her website to find out more about what she offers! The next edition of her course starts later this month and she’s taking sign-ups now!

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Now, it’s time to go get richer, teacher!