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I know being on social media is a pain. It’s forever changing and you probably cannot keep up with the trends. I feel the same.

But the opportunities that your online presence and visibility can bring are priceless.

1. Rather than getting stuck at ‘I’m afraid to show up’ (because perhaps you’re scared of judgment?) think ‘My online presence allows me to connect with people that I can help!’

2. Rather than comparing yourself with others, think ‘I’ve learned so much about social media already and there will always be so much more to learn’ so the only person to compare to is yourself from the past (This reframe was created by my ex-Rocketer Katie!)

3. Instead of ‘I’m not interested in social media and have never been active on it’, think ‘Social media is a free marketing tool that I can use for my benefit and the way I see fit!’

And if you want to learn more about being visible and why it’s important, listen to the newest podcast episode!

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