Episode 32: 10 lessons learned from running an ELT business for a year – chatting to Bistra Maugeri

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In this absolute GEM of an episode, I talked to Bistra, who has been her own boss for a year now – I decided to invite her onto my podcast after seeing her post on Instagram and thought – MORE PEOPLE SHOULD HEAR IT FROM ANOTHER TEACHER!

Bistra kindly enough agreed to share all her wisdom and lessons she learned on her way to becoming a successful English teaching freelancer.

We talked about mindset, investing, niching, having a community, gratitude, social media, authenticity and looking after yourself while on your way to entrepreneurship.

You literally CANNOT miss this episode. It will open your eyes to so many aspects of having a teaching business, I promise.

Thank you, lovely Bistra, it’s been a great pleasure getting to know you better and thank you for sharing! All the best in your inevitably successful teaching business journey!

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