Episode 2: Know what you want and stay positive! – chatting with Maddie Boldero

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Can you stand out in ELT by just being YOU? Of course, you can!

In this episode, I invited my ex-colleague-turned-friend and probably a twin sister in some other life, Maddie Boldero, for a chat. She is a ball of energy, just like me and agreed to talk to me about her journey in the ELT world and what her biggest lessons have been so far.

Maddie has been in the industry since 2007 as a teacher, a manager, and a teacher trainer who has always been able to recognise what she wants, which proved a useful skill. Her extraordinary optimism is her personal magnet, and she used it many times in the classroom and managerial experience as her leverage. She is also known for her professionalism, hard-working attitude and knowing what she really wants. She’s now in the middle of another career pivot which she sees as an exciting opportunity. Fingers crossed for that, Maddie!

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