Episode 15: Work-life balance, burn-out and limiting beliefs in the ELT world – chatting to Rachael Roberts @liferesourceful

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Listen to this episode for a great dose of inspiration and some real food for thought around work-life balance and limiting beliefs. 

This time I interviewed Racheal Roberts @liferesourceful. What was meant to be a chat about stress and work-life balance only, turned into a great conversation about our general observation of the ELT industry and specifically the limiting beliefs that ELT professionals still have. 

Rachael shared some great ideas and tips for teachers and other professionals and offered some great reflections on the idea of work-life balance, which some of you might find surprising!

I personally learned so much from this chat! I’m really grateful I got to collaborate (again) with someone so wise and who is helping people in our industry improve their professional lives so much. 

Also – best wishes to Rachel whose birthday it is today on the day of the premiere! 🙂