Episode 1: A rant about native speakerism

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Picture this.

We’re in a feedback session on a CELTA course, where I’m the tutor. I’m giving feedback to my trainee on how she’s dealt with a pronunciation issue in her class (she made an obvious mistake). She looks at me with a lot of doubt in her eyes, at some point, she rolls her eyes and doesn’t actually take any of my words seriously. Next time she makes the same mistake and uses the argument ‘that’s what we, native speakers, say’. 

I’m a qualified teacher, an ex-manager in a language school, an ELT business owner, and a Cambridge-qualified teacher trainer. It doesn’t matter. 

Native speakerism and the debate about native vs non-native teachers is far from being over.

Unfortunately, people interpret the activism and support of non-native speakers as diminishing towards native speakers. That often comes from their own insecurities. But we must stop thinking that giving more attention or recognition to one group means taking it away from the other. A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD, anyone?

This episode touches on the problem’s obvious aspects and adds my passionate voice (or a rant) to the discussion. I share stories, reflections, statistics, thoughts, and ACTION POINTS for all of us.

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