Why start an email newsletter to promote yourself as a language teacher

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Did you know that only 10% of your social media followers actually see your content, teacher?

So, by that logic, around 90% of the time you spend planning and perfecting your posts is effectively wasted.

Experts might tell you that it’s NOT the algorithm that’s the problem, it’s your content. But the numbers don’t lie: social media simply isn’t the most effective way to market yourself as a language teacher. 

I know it might be triggering to hear—especially when you’ve worked so hard to build an audience of ideal students. 

But would you believe that’s actually a GOOD thing? Because it means you’re in exactly the right place. 

Let me tell you why an email newsletter is one of the BEST and most affordable ways to promote yourself as a language teacher.

#1: You don’t own your followers

Ok, so the problem isn’t just that the algorithm can stop your followers from seeing your content, but the social media channels you’re on do not belong to you.

Using social media is a bit like renting an apartment. You have the right to decorate and make your profile your own, but the landlord can kick you out at ANY time, even if you haven’t broken the house rules. 

Tons of teacher business owners have fallen victim to technical glitches and unwarranted bans that have blocked them from their accounts, and the effects can be devastating!

But you know what makes this easier to handle?

Having a healthy email list where you can connect with your most engaged followers. 

Because if social media is a rented apartment, then your email list is your very own home. It’s a channel you have complete control over and one that no algorithm or nasty tech mogul can take away from you.

#2: Your audience is more engaged

Your subscribers have to actively sign up to join your email list. That means they CHOSE to hear from you which, in turn, means they’re already more engaged. 

Sure, people can (and will) unsubscribe, but that’s totally ok! Because the people who stay WILL want to hear (and likely one day buy) from you. 

Since I started my newsletter, I’ve grown my list to several thousand subscribers. At least 40% of them open my emails every week, and I almost always get replies. 

This has made it SO much easier to sell my new offers, and it’s actually really fun!

#3: You can repurpose your email content

I know, I know. You’re super busy planning and teaching classes and creating new courses. Adding a new marketing channel to your scarily long to-do list might seem like a silly idea. 

But what if I told you it can be super easy? 

In fact, writing emails can speed up social media content creation because you can lift ideas (or even blocks of copy) from them and turn them into Instagram or LinkedIn posts. 

If you think that’s cheating, guess what? Your audience probably won’t even notice. 👀

#4: You can build a really great community

Newsletters allow you to go deeper by writing more on a topic AND sharing more personal insights you wouldn’t post on your Instagram. 

Well-written emails can also make it feel as though you’re speaking directly to your readers, which helps earn their trust. 

The more fabulous emails you send, the more your subscribers will feel like they know you. And when that happens, you’ll create stronger connections that have a MUCH bigger impact on your language teaching business than random social media likes ever will!

#5: You can stand out more easily

One of the hardest things about social media is attracting attention from the people you want to work with (not the red flag students or free advice seekers). 

Yes, you CAN stand out with the right content and targeting. But wouldn’t it be easier if you could just share your message directly with the people who WANT to read it?

That’s exactly what email newsletters help you do. With fewer forces fighting for your audience’s attention in their inbox, it’s easier to get them to consume YOUR content. 

I’m proud to say that ALL of the wonderful language teachers in my Mastermind report over 40% open rates on their emails… which is 20% ABOVE average. 🤩

If that’s not proof that it’s easier to catch attention in the inbox, then I don’t know what is.

#6: You can sell more!

Email newsletters aren’t just for fun (although they can be!). They’re designed to SELL. 

And if that word makes you feel icky and gross, then here’s some good news: it’s easier to sell MORE in a way that feels really genuine with email. There are a few reasons for this: 

  1. Your subscribers are interested in what you do
  2. You can speak directly to your audience 
  3. You can stay in their minds by emailing them regularly 
  4. Your subscribers probably check their inboxes every day!

Most of my sales come from my email list, and many of my clients have said the same. But it’s not just us! A study by Litmus found that email has an average return on investment of 4200%, which translates to $42 for every $1 you spend.

Shocking, right!?

Are you ready to use email to promote yourself as a language teacher?

If so, I’d loooooove to help you get started. Join the waitlist for our super popular course, Email Fluent to find out when it next runs!