Episode 89 How to make the most out of summer as a freelance teacher

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In this episode, Ola shares some ways in which teachers can make the summer count by:

  • reflecting on the last 6 months
  • planning what’s next
  • committing to take action

The episode comes with a handy workbook called ‘Your business check-in’ that can be used in the summer, at the end of the year or any other transition period. Download it for free below:


Timestamped overview:

[00:02:54] Reflect on the year and embrace change.

[00:04:27] Consider your business, clients, sales, and marketing.

[00:10:53] Reflection: self-growth and overcoming fears Transition period: planning for the future

[00:15:28] Be proactive in business, research, network, collaborate.

[00:16:29] Time for reflection, improvement, and envisioning future.


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