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The secret to
more freedom,
more independence
and more $$$
as a language teacher

Ready to build your own
sustainable and profitable teaching business?🚀

The next Rocket will take off in...

Here's the thing.

You're a teacher. You help, you facilitate, you support, you listen, you advise. YOU CONSTANTLY GIVE. AND THAT'S FANTASTIC. Teaching is your superpower and you CHANGE the LIVES of your students.

But it can be a hindrance. Because you also think like a teacher and act like a teacher when it comes to promoting your language teaching services online, am I right?

I bet at least some of these resonate with you.

Have you ever thought any of these?

There are so many other people on Instagram - why would
I share educational content all the time but students aren't
I can't charge more! Nobody would pay!
I spend hours teaching, planning, preparing materials for little in return
Marketing and selling are dirty/sleazy/not my thing/not genuine
If people need my help, they'll just come and sign up!
I don't make much while working for a (language) school but
at least it's stable

You're not alone, I used to think the same!

I used to think ALL of those things and question myself all the time. I've always known I was a good teacher (yeah, well, maybe apart from when I thought I sucked because I was a non-native speaker of English...) I knew something was missing. I had great potential but while working for language schools I wasn't making enough impact (or enough money) to reflect that.

I started looking for better ways of using my skills, talents and zone of genius. I opened my own online ELT business. I wanted to make more money, to have more impact, to have more time for myself, my toddler son and husband and to be independent. In the process, I realised that...



Ever since I realised it was UP TO ME to challenge my limiting beliefs and to create the life I always wanted, everything has shifted. And now my mission is to inspire, motivate and equip other ELT rockstars with the mindset, tools and strategies to CHANGE THE GAME for them and people they work with!

Hey, I'm Ola!

If we haven't met - I'm an EFL teacher - turned CELTA trainer - turned language school manager - turned online school owner - turned business coach for the teachers ! It's been a looooong journey! 😁

I've built my own language teaching business from scratch and it made profit in its first year!
I've got to know the language teaching industry inside out in my 13 years of experience in a variety of roles
In 2021 I started coaching English teachers and then other language teachers and helping them build their own businesses
I've since helped more than 200 people start their businesses, find their own students, charge more, launch new offers, market themselves, AND I'VE GOT SO MUCH MORE TO GIVE!

Imagine what your life would
look like if you had...


To do what you want, teach what you want, get up what time you want and work with people that genuinely light you up!


Because you're finally able to charge decent rates for your work as a teacher, trainer or coach!


Because you finally work WITH YOUR STRENGTHS, know your worth and understand how you can help your people!


To spend with your loved ones and doing your favourite things!



A digital mentoring program for teachers that helps them build their own ROCKET - a PROFITABLE, SUSTAINABLE and ENJOYABLE language teaching business!

It is by far the best course I’ve ever taken and
the best investment I’ve ever made!

"During the course, I’ve raised my prices, tweaked my offers, started a mailing list, learned how to create a landing page, invested in a VA to finish and publish my website, changed the way I use social media (my content now is a lot more focused and strategic). I’m now working on my launch and for the first time know what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

It is by far the best course I’ve ever taken and the best investment I’ve ever made!"

Bistra Maugeri


What you're going to learn🚀

Per aspera ad astra


In module 1 we are going to look at your mindset, money blocks and we will get you thinking like an entrepreneur!

We will cover:

✅ how to change your thinking,
✅ how to create new habits;
✅ how to create an entrepreneurial mindset 
✅ how to work with your strengths
✅ how to remove your money blocks so you can charge decently for your work

The pathfinder


We will find your niche, your zone of genius and will find out what your perfect people want and need that you can give them and how you can better connect with them.

We will cover:

✅ finding and validating your nice,
✅ market research,
✅ how to use social media to do market research,
✅ how to generate leads constantly,
✅ how to check if people will buy what you want to sell;
✅ how to create your ideal student avatar

Building your Rocket


We will build your perfect offer, specifically designed with your perfect students in mind and we're going to test if it's what they need .

What we will cover:

✅ what business model to choose,
✅ how to build your offer (map it out, plan, price, and validate it)
✅ how to check if it will sell

Mission plan


We will plan your marketing and content strategy and promote the offer so it's got the best chance of selling.

We will cover:

✅ how to set business goals,
✅ how to build a business plan,
✅ how to do a SWOT analysis,
✅ how to build your marketing strategy and a content strategy,
✅ how to start email marketing
✅ what free stuff to create to attract students to your paid offers

3,2,1... launch!


We're going to prepare you for an epic launch of your offer, we'll look at your sales strategy and learn some lessons so you can rinse and repeat the whole process!

We will cover:

✅ how to build a sales funnel,
✅ how to build momentum for sales,
✅ how to price your services,
✅ what bonuses to add, what incentives to add,
✅ how to raise the value of your course,
✅ principles of sales and psychology of sales
✅ how to sell without launching

It's your teaching background combined with
your business know-how that I love

"It's your teaching background combined with your business know-how that I love, and the way you share your knowledge so openly with us.

I've done a few different courses since I started my business and they've all been helpful, but genuinely, language teaching is a bit of a unique thing and comes with a unique set of problems that you just deal with so amazingly."

Sam Davies

the UK

What's included in the program🚀

32 lessons in 5 modules

The course consist of 30 pre-recorded lessons divided into 5 modules that cover ALL you need to know in order to build a successful and profitable teaching business - from your mindset to niching, marketing, sales and launching!

Best thing about it? You can watch them WHENEVER you like and from WHEREVER you want!

Workbooks and templates

There are workbooks attached to most lessons with exercises and reflection questions!

You also get plenty of templates: market research form, student contract template and other ideas and prompts (eg Instagram post ideas, story prompts or niche examples!)

Community of Rocketers🚀

With the program, you are also becoming part of the community of Rocketers! An amazing, supportive group of other teachers entrepreneurs who are working towards the same goal as you and who can support you along the way!

Additional webinars

A plethora of bonus webinars and mini trainings that will be complementary to the main course lessons.

You'll learn more about:

🚀 pricing

🚀 email marketing

🚀 selling

🚀 social media marketing

Live support from me!

The course content will be drip-fed over 8 weeks. And on top of that you will get access to live support from me inside the community group as well as in live meetings and Q&As (the number of meetings depends on which option of the program you choose)

We, teachers, are excellent at delivering our product,
but we suck at marketing!

"Before starting The Rocket with Ola, I was just another frustrated teacher planning to leave academia, be independent, and set my own rules.

Within the first weeks, I learned about marketing, advertising my business, and finding and validating my niche. We, teachers, are excellent at delivering our product, but we suck at marketing!

The Rocket has not yet finished, and I am running my masterclass and got two new clients! Can you believe it? I wish I had met Ola 10 years ago. I wouldn't have wasted so much time teaching all the levels, disregarding my feelings.

Don't be me - join The Rocket. Don't waste your precious time."

Ania Karwowska


What makes the Rocket a totally unique experience for teachers🤩

Relevant to teachers

This has been my biggest goal - to package business knowledge that teachers need to have in order to build their own independent businesses and make it relevant to THEM! Forget generic marketing advice - this an equivalent of an MBA, but for teachers!

Proved and tested

The things I teach are literally all the things I learned myself on the way to becoming a successful entrepreneur. It has also been tested by the 50+ participant who have taken the program so far!

The people

It's the people who make it so specials. Their ambitions, determination and willingness to grow. It's the amazing people who join the program that makes it even more special!

FREE lifetime upgrades

You're not only getting lifetime access to the course - you also get ALL its updates and bonuses that I'll be ading in the future completely free of charge

OK, so you're probably wondering about the price... They start at £499. 

Which is quite insane considering everything that's included! Have I mentioned the FREE BONUSES?!😁

BONUS 1 ⭐️

Richer Teachers membership

You're getting access to my amazing community for teachers in business for 3 months completely FREE of charge.  And if you want to stay, for my loyal clients, it's only £7/month!

(VALUED AT £264/year)

BONUS 2 ⭐️

Email marketing course 

You're getting access to this amazing course that will teach you how to set up your email marketing system! Completely for FREE!


BONUS 3 ⭐️

99 ideas for content

Let me top it up with this amazing training and ebook to help you never run out of social media content ideas ever again!


BONUS 4 ⭐️

How to price your lessons

Learn how to price your lessons and find your perfect hourly rate so that you can start making more!


Don't think twice about it!

" It might seem like a lot of money but what you’ll learn on this course will pay that back ten fold. Ola knows what she’s talking about and puts so much effort into making sure you get your money’s worth. Whatever your expectations are for this course, it will surpass them. Don’t think twice about it."

Jack Francis

the UK

You might still be wondering...

How do I know this is for me?

If you are an language professional (a teacher, a teacher trainer, a materials writer) who finally wants to go solo, build an independent business and create, launch and sell irresistible offers to your dreamy clients so you can have a life full of money, freedom, impact and independence, then THIS IS THE RIGHT PROGRAM FOR YOU.

This program will work for complete beginners but what I recommend is that you manage your expectations in terms of how long it will take you to build your business. The fact that you'll learn all the knowledge and skills necessary, doesn't mean that you won't have to do anything else. It's all about steady and sustainable implementation. I think that realistically you could build a business from scratch to selling your first offer in anywhere between 3-12 months!

I'm worried that I won't be able to commit.

Not to worry! This is a self-paced course. The content will be drip-fed to you weekly but you can totally watch (and rewatch) all the material whenever it suits you.

Best bit? You've got lifetime access to it!

And if you choose GALAXY or UNIVERSE options you'll have the live meetings to keep you accountable!

Can I ask any questions? Will you help me with my business?

There will be opportunities to get your questions answered in the community group and in some live sessions that will be part of the course.

The level of personal attention you'll get will depend on the tier of the program you pick (Star, Galaxy or Universe).

What if I don't like it?

Highly unlikely!

This program is the result of nearly 2 years of work and research - it's been tested on live participants (sorry, my little guinea pigs, haha!) and the reviews it got were really positive. 99% of people made tremendous progress and gained confidence in their business thanks to the Rocket and their own dedication to succeeding.

But I do get that you may have some reservations. After all, it's a lot of money and a big commitment.

So if you're really worried - I offer a 14-day money back guarantee. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! You'' just have to email me within 14 days of purchase and I will refund you.

I'll just join next time.

Yeah, that's fine BUT!

The course will only get more expensive. I'm being transparent with you here because I know sometimes all we need is a bit of a push.

If you want to be in, you want to be in SO YOU MIGHT AS WELL DO IT NOW.

I do not even want to think where I'd be if I hadn't met you and enrolled in the Rocket

"You are a blessing, and I know I'm repeating myself BUT I do not even want to think where I'd be if I hadn't met you and enrolled in the Rocket.

You always pay for learning a business, either with money or time. I will never regret any amount of money that I paid for your services, because it saves my time, and time is priceless!"

Weronika Nowak

the Netherlands

Ola and the Rocket helped to lay the foundation, bit by bit and make this feel possible.

"(to the backing of the opening stanza of Lose Yourself by Eminem) I was forced to run when the war in Ukraine started I thought I would have to say goodbye to teaching. A career I had dedicated 10 years and loved so deeply.

The task of starting on my own seem insurmountable, "I'm shy, I'm not good at selling, I'm crap at social media" these were all blocks I had and am still working on but

Ola and the Rocket helped to lay the foundation, bit by bit and make this feel possible. Also the group and community is very supportive, everyone is very willing to give and share ideas. It makes it not just you against the world, bit a little team rooting for each other. To the Stars!"

Timothy Wells

the UK

Let's TAKE OFF your teaching business together!🚀


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