Selling Her Dream Group English Course: Olivia’s Story

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One of the first lessons you learn when you start an online teaching business is that you should find a niche. 

But the funny thing is, even if that niche idea is staring you in the face, it often takes time (or even an epiphany) to realise it. 

No one is better proof of that than my superstar client, Olivia. As a civil engineer turned English teacher, her superpower seems so obvious now. But it wasn’t always that way! 

Like so many new freelance English teachers, Olivia began her journey teaching everyone, everywhere. She was making decent money, and the thought of a niche hadn’t even crossed her mind. 

That was, until she met her first engineering student. 

General English teacher? Not anymore!

It was completely by chance that this student found Olivia, but it was because of him that everything changed. As soon as their lessons started, he said how happy he was that he’d found a teacher who was also an engineer because she knew what kind of language he needs.

That’s when Olivia realised… “Oh, that’s my niche. I am an engineer. I do know what kind of language they need. They don’t need an English level where they can write books and win the Pulitzer Prize. They need it for work and daily life. It’s completely different.”

From that point, she focused on teaching engineers and filled her schedule with 1:1s. They paid quite well and she enjoyed teaching them. But she was always dreaming of having a group course… 

Because Olivia’s clients are from all over the world and many need to communicate with international team members at work, she thought it would be fun to bring them together. 

Moving from 1:1s to groups 

The problem was, her brilliant engineer brain wanted to work out all the little details and solve all the problems before she could start. So, she felt a bit stuck. 

“I needed something like a hold my hand program that gives me the deadlines to do the work every week. Someone to tell me to do one step after the other and not think about the next hundred steps after that.” 

She saw the Rocket Accelerator and thought that would be perfect (even though she was sure that she didn’t actually need the coaching at the time)! 

“I didn’t think that I needed the coaching calls. I don’t do well in big groups because I’m easily distracted. But it turned out to be the thing that I needed most!”

Between the coaching calls and the course curriculum (what she initially signed up for), she quickly developed her new signature group program, English for Engineers: The Fast and Furious Edition.

And during her first-ever launch, she sold several spaces on the course she’d be dreaming of creating for four years!! 🤩

So, what’s next for Olivia?

With glowing reviews and a growing waitlist for the next edition of the course, Olivia is now looking forward to launching again in September. 

In the meantime, she’s enjoying finally feeling more free, fulfilled and energetic for the first time since leaving her freelance gigs. 

“When I only did the 1:1s, HR was often paying for the courses, which was great, but it also meant people didn’t ever stop. The course just went on, and that made me so burned out. Sometimes, I’d teach for four hours and then need to lay down for four hours. 

But now, after the sessions in my course, I’m so energised. My people are all driven because they know they need to do it in 10 lessons. It’s incredible!

Nobody talks about this side of group courses. Everybody just says, ‘Oh, well, I’m going to do it because it’s a better use of my time’.”

And that is so true! We usually talk about the financial and time benefits of group language courses. But the reality is that these offers also help you feel happier and more balanced. Not to mention they make your students feel more motivated!

The power of a group course

Olivia is the perfect example of how quickly and dramatically things can change when you find that perfect niche and golden course idea. 

She started in the same position as most teachers but by taking action and listening to her instincts, she was able to finally create that dream course she’d been thinking about for years. 

If you have a course idea you want a friendly nudge to create or you want help finding one, then the Rocket Accelerator may be perfect for you. 

And if you’re on the fence about joining the next round, Olivia had some final words for you… 

“I know if you follow the steps, you get your investment back by your first group course that you set up. So there’s nothing to lose because you wouldn’t set it up without the course. Even if you decide group courses are not your thing, you haven’t lost money and you have met amazing people and you had fun Wednesday mornings.”

What do you say? 😉