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Ready to have paying students knock at your door daily?

It's time to add some FUEL to your marketing.

Marketing 🙄

Some days it feels like every other teacher has their marketing and content figured out, doesn't it.

With their fancy reels posted daily, their websites, their freebies and newsletters. And probably a queue of people waiting to sign up for their classes.

And then there's you. Who always feels BEHIND.

You're confused by the amount of marketing advice out there

You've consumed tons of marketing advice through various means (freebies, courses, following people on social media), but it all feels super confusing and unclear. You feel that you have to post more and jump on all the trends, even though you don’t enjoy it. You aren’t sure how to grow your audience further, which makes you feel incompetent.

You're inconsistent

You are juggling 1:1 classes with posting on social media and creating content to try and keep your pages active and grow your audiences. You feel a constant pressure to post on Instagram in particular, and you worry a lot about staying consistent. All of that is contributing to you feeling like you're always behind.

You worry about losing clients and finding new ones

You try to plan ahead so you can spend less time every day on social media or creating content. But you also worry about what will happen if a student decides not to renew because your income depends on that. And you don’t exactly get loads of enquiries all the time from new people. The result? Low key anxiety, all-the-time.

But what if knowing what to do every day, staying consistent in your marketing and as a result having a waitlist of students ready to work with you was easily available to you too?

Imagine yourself unapologetically promoting your teaching business...

You know exactly what to do to daily

You've got a plan that works for YOU and is not just a random collection of Instagram hacks. You're working with your strengths and you're not second guessing yourself. You build a habit out of your marketing and that includes posting *relevant* content (no more grammar tips!), networking and other activities that actually move the needle for your business.

Your marketing works like a well-oiled (or well-fuelled hehe) machine

You implement a system that doesn't rely on the algorithm or how you're feeling on any given day (including *that* time of the month). This system works even if you do the bare minimum. 

You get a steady flow of students knocking at your door

You're not worried anymore about what happens if one student leaves because you've got a steady flow of inquiries and even a waitlist. You feel calm and secure so you can focus on what you do best - teaching!

Let me introduce...

The Rocket Fuel 🚀⛽️

The only accountability and support based 6-week sprint that helps you get clear and consistent in your marketing and secure a steady flow of teaching or coaching clients

Firstly - clarity

We will get clear on YOUR plan of action and goals for the next 90 days - we will plan your content for every day (no, that doesn't mean posting daily!) and decide what other things you can/should focus on to see those lovely students coming to work with you faster (but without the overwhelm)!

Secondly - accountability

You'll be getting daily nudges for action in form of tasks, trackers and batching guides. We will also meet for Q&As and pick-me-up calls so you feel supported throughout the whole process. 

Thirdly - the community

What makes this work is the people. Think of it as a 28-day group bootcamp where you're building a marketing habit, doing something meaningful for your business and getting the support from a coach and other people who are doing the exact same thing as you!

And a sprinkle of gamification

Nothing woks better for creating a habit than a bit of gamification - which means you will be unlocking prizes and bonuses weekly that will keep you going in your marketing for longer!

Here's what people said :

Vera Dobos

I learnt much more than I expected I would in just three weeks. In fact, I feel I will need to come back to some of the videos, because I just couldn't take everything in. The community of fellow teachers was awesome and it's great that we could ask our questions. Every now and then when some of us got lost in the details and showed some signs of feeling lost and confused, Ola jumped in with a with pep talk, shook us up and made us focus on the big picture and progress with our more important tasks. This was really helpful. Thank you, Ola!

Dana Piscoi

When you invest in Ola's courses you get a career coach and a therapist. I've struggled with inactivity for the last 2 years and Ola's course just made me push through those walls of fear and self-doubt. What I took from working with Ola was how to enjoy experimenting with marketing and how to trust myself that I am a good teacher. The mindset shift was amazing. In just three weeks I started looking at pricing and the value of my work in a totally different light. Ola's course is worth so much more than the price tag. You'll get results and that will be the foundation of the new you. A more confident, powerful self.

Everything you get inside the Rocket Fuel🚀⛽️:

bite-sized  actionable lessons throughout the whole bootcamp to help you FINALLY get clear on your niche, your message and to create a content and marketing plan that actually works
weekly accountability and pick-me-up calls so you feel supported, ask your questions and be kept accountable
daily marketing task for you to implement (that shouldn’t take more than 10 mins) so that this marketing actually sticks with you beyond the time we spend together
a spreadsheet to measure your progress and effort so you can see how much of a marketing pro you're becoming in a matter of days
a weekly batching guide so that planning and production of your content feels easier to handle
a weekly prize&bonus system that you unlock for completing your tasks!
a community group where you can ask questions, celebrate wins or simply let us know you’ve done the daily task so you never feel alone in this process
BONUS! A 90-day spreadsheet content plan with prompts and ideas so we're not starting your planning from scratch (plus a system that you can rinse and repeat as many times as you want!)

Hey, I'm Ola!

And I'm probably NOT like you. I am hyperactive, I like risk and making big, bold moves. I'm extroverted and quite like being on stage. I also enjoy marketing.

But that may actually make me the perfect coach for you. Because I've got this superpower of being able to not only inspire people but to actually motivate them and nudge (but never push) to take action.

I was also a teacher once , and then a teacher trainer, and a manager and then I became a coach and mentor for people in the language teaching field. And I love it!

My energy is contagious and people say I've got a thousand ideas a minute which I'd be so happy to share with you too. So if you're looking for the perrrrfect combo of marketing expertise, someone who knows the language education field inside out and a big dose of energising accountability, you're in the right place!

You might be wondering...

How do I know if this is for me?

If you're a language teacher or coach and you've been confused by the amount of marketing advice and struggling to be consistent not only in your marketing activities but also in actually attracting students into your world, then this is definitely for you!

I'd suggest that you have the foundations figured out, though, before you join. And by the foundations I mean your target audience and at least your 1:1 offer. Lucky for you, I've got my course, the Rocket Take Off that helps you with exactly those things. And you can do it anytime. Also - look out for my promos - I may be adding this course as a bump offer to the Rocket Fuel so people can actually feed two birds with one cake (or whatever the saying actually says;) )

Will you help me with my business and marketing?

Absolutely! There will be plenty of occasions to get my support. We will kick off with a content-building workshop and then meet weekly. You will also get access to me inside the private community group where you can always ask our questions!

Is it just a course?

That's a big fat NO. This is not a course. You won't be just learning - you will be implementing. This may feel uncomfortable. You may want to punch me in the face for making you do things that aren't perfect. You may want to kill me for not letting you spend more than 15 mins on one post in Canva. THIS IS ALL OK. 😉

Why did I create this program? I got inspired by a fitness challenge I took part in at some point that didn't teach me anything new (apart from a couple of recipes) but was one of the best experiences I have ever had and it actually made me build some healthy habits, see results in my body and continue seeing them even when it finished. So I've decided to replicate it!

I realised most teachers don't have to or want to become professional marketers. But this paralysing feeling of 'all or nothing' is not serving them. So I'm here to help you push through that with tons of accountability, support and  a sprinkle of gamification! What's not to love?!

The first edition was a SPLENDID success with 80% people completing all the tasks and seeing tangible progress in their business!

Will I have to do the tasks every day?!

No! There will be tasks for you to do every day from Monday to Friday BUT you don't have to do them all to succeed. I will be encouraging you to take action. But let's be honest - it's not the only thing you'll be doing at the time. So we can always make adjustments that fit your busy schedule!

How much is it?

The next edition (May 2024) will cost around £333 and there will be a payment plan!

Can I have an invoice?

Absolutely! Just fill out all the fields when making the purchase and an invoice will automatically be sent to you!

What if I change my mind - can I get a refund?

Nope, there are no refunds as this is a high-touch live sprint type of thing. So please ask any questions before you join!

You don't have to become a professional marketer for your
teaching business to thrive.

Join Rocket Fuel. Get fuelled by action.

Join the waitlist to be the first to find out when the Rocket Fuel runs again!

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