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Attract a steady flow of paying students with just 10 mins of marketing per day

Marketing doesn’t have to feel like your full-time job. Let’s create a content plan that sells your services without sucking the life out of you.

You can start the program TODAY for £1 👀 but only for another...

*You'll pay £1 today and then two more instalments of £111 after that if you choose the payment plan.

Some days it feels like every other teacher has their marketing and content figured out, doesn't it?

With their fancy reels posted daily, their valuable freebies and annoyingly consistent newsletters…
They probably have a queue of people waiting to sign up for their classes.
AND tons of time to relax with their families.
While you’re working all the hours… and STILL feeling behind.

You've consumed so many freebies, courses, and social media content that you feel like you *should* be an expert… but the reality is, it all feels super confusing and unclear.

You have followers… but most of them are other teachers and they don’t pay your bills! Still, you’re not sure what to do to grow your audience further and attract the right people.

You feel a constant pressure to post on Instagram and you worry a lot about staying consistent… when you still have 1:1 classes to plan and teach - and a bloody business to run!!

You try planning ahead so you can spend less time creating content, but that’s really hard to do… so you end up worrying what will happen if a student doesn’t renew because your income depends on that

Isn’t marketing supposed to be easier than this!?

Well, my dear teacher, it can be - and I am here to show you how.

Despite what the gurus say,
there is no ‘blueprint’ for success.

And random marketing hacks you find on social media probably won’t move the needle in your business because they are exactly that… RANDOM!

What you need to attract more students and enjoy your marketing is a plan that is designed to work for you. Your personality, your schedule, your students.

Once you have that figured out, creating content that actually sells will suddenly feel easy.

What if someone could tell you exactly how to create a marketing plan… and keep you accountable to make it happen?

Imagine it…

You know exactly what to do to daily

You've got a plan that works for YOU and is not just a random collection of Instagram hacks. You understand what actions to take to market your business and you're not second guessing yourself.

Your audience is growing with the perfect people

You finally feel confident with the fact that you are posting *relevant* content (no more grammar tips!), and you no longer feel pressured to post all the time because you’re also doing networking and other activities that actually move the needle for your business

Your marketing works like a well-oiled (or well-fuelled hehe) machine

You have a clear system that doesn't rely on the algorithm or how you're feeling on any given day, and you have made a habit out of marketing that you stick to (and that works) even if you do the bare minimum.

You get a steady flow of students knocking at your door

You're not worried anymore about what happens if one student leaves because you've always got new inquiries and even a waitlist. You feel calm and secure so you can focus on what you do best - teaching!

That’s all possible when you join…

The Rocket Fuel 🚀⛽️

A 6-week self-paced sprint that helps you get clear and consistent in your marketing, secure a steady flow of clients and keep flying month after month.

*You'll pay £1 today and then two more instalments of £111 after that if you choose the payment plan.

This course was so helpful. The lessons were an ideal length with action items to complete afterwards that always felt like progress. It was an enjoyable journey that took me through all the steps of selling an offer!

Teacher D.

English teacher from Greece

Here’s what we will do over the next 6 weeks:

We will get clear on your marketing plan

We will plan your content for every day (no, that doesn't mean posting daily!) and decide what other things you can focus on to see those lovely students coming to work with you faster (but without the overwhelm)!

We will make sure you take action

This sprint may not be live, but I’m still watching. 👀You'll be getting daily nudges for action in the form of tasks, trackers, guides and task check-ins. AND!! You will also get to win guaranteed prizes every single week just for completing the tasks.

We will make sure you feel supported

Marketing your business doesn’t have to be a lonely process. You will join an online community of other teachers who are taking the program, and you will get to interact with them, ask questions and generally feel supported by an AMAZING community.

We will turn you into a marketing pro!

You will get clear on the marketing strategies that bring students to you. You will have a clear and manageable action plan that works for you, your schedule and your personality (hate reels? No problemo!). Oh, and you’ll never need to try another shitty Instagram hack again.

You know when you know what you must do, but you don't know the order of things? Working as a solo entrepreneur, we are afraid to make decisions because we don't have a direction or someone to tell us "Yes, this is it!" or "No, I don't recommend it!". So, Ola does this work! In addition to presenting a logical sequence of how to structure our business, she can be the coach we need to make the decisions we find difficult. I want to thank you Ola, for your dedication, entrepreneurial vision and for teaching us how to sell and be proud of our work.

Rosana Benatti


Let’s get you a marketing plan that actually works for your teaching business!


Laying the groundwork

We are wasting no time in diving into the meaty part of the program. We will start by getting super clear on your niche and your message so your content will attract them.


Getting ready for take off

Next, we will look at the offer you’re selling and start planning the customer journey, so you can take them from having no idea who you are to being an absolute superfan ready to pay you



Before you can start sharing content, you need to have a system in place. We will explore different content systems, create your content plan and learn how to batch create posts to save you tons of time.



Now that you have your content plan ready, we will start taking ACTION. We will look at how to build an email list of raving fans, collect testimonials and network with people naturally through social media.



By the time you reach week 5, you will feel like you really understand how marketing works. So next we will look at growing your email list and doing collaborations with other business owners to increase your visibility.


You're flying

Finally, we will look at how to plan and launch a live webinar, how to boost your visibility even further, the different kinds of calls to action you can use in your content and ways that you can identify who’s interested in working with you without actively selling (it’s like magic).

I loved the Rocket Fuel as it got me started on the right foot with my marketing. Ola makes the whole thing manageable by cutting it up in little tasks and keeps it motivating by being genuinly invested in your progress and excited about your wins. She answers any questions very quick, and shares all resources she has to make sure you get the most out of it.

You have to really put in the time and work (nobody will do it for you) but if you do, you can learn a bunch. I'm sure I'll go back to all the materials and the tasks every time I feel bored or stuck in my marketing, or need something new. Thanks Ola!

Nikkie Menting


Let me guess… you don’t have time for all of this!?

Your schedule is probably full with classes and you probably have tons of other courses you’ve bought in the past that you STILL haven’t even looked at.

The Rocket Fuel is different.

EVERYTHING in this sprint is designed to be done in less than 10 minutes per day so that marketing becomes an enjoyable habit rather than a time-consuming chore.

You don’t have to spend months developing a marketing plan or creating the perfect post. You just need to take action.

And that starts with saying yes to dedicating a just little bit of time to your business now.

80% of teachers who have taken the Rocket Fuel completed almost all the tasks and are seeing tangible progress in their business!

Everything you get inside the Rocket Fuel🚀⛽️:

6-weeks of bite-sized actionable lessons to help you FINALLY get clear on your niche, your message and to create a content and marketing plan that actually works

Daily marketing tasks for you to implement (that shouldn’t take more than 10 mins) so that this marketing actually sticks with you beyond your time in the program

A community group where you can ask questions (and get support from me!), celebrate wins or simply let us know you’ve done the daily task so you never feel alone in this process

A weekly form to measure your progress and effort so you can see how much of a marketing pro you're becoming in a matter of days

A weekly prize & bonus system that you unlock for completing your tasks!

Access to the course and community on a handy (Android or iOS) app so you can watch the content on the go and stay in touch with your new teacher friends more easily

All for only... £333🤩 £223
(or 1x £1 + 2x £111 in a payment plan)

But only for another... (and when this discount is gone you will NOT see it again!)

*You'll pay £1 today and then two more instalments of £111 after that if you choose the payment plan.

When you invest in Ola's courses you get a career coach and a therapist. I've struggled with inactivity for the last 2 years and Ola's course just made me push through those walls of fear and self-doubt. What I took from working with Ola was how to enjoy experimenting with marketing and how to trust myself that I am a good teacher. The mindset shift was amazing. In just three weeks I started looking at pricing and the value of my work in a totally different light. Ola's course is worth so much more than the price tag. You'll get results and that will be the foundation of the new you. A more confident, powerful self.

Dana Piscoi


Ready to add some FUEL to your marketing?

Step 1

Hit the button below and complete your enrolment to get instant access to the first week of lessons (the rest will be drip-fed weekly).

Step 2

Check your inbox for a link to access the community and details on how to make the most of the course.

Step 3

Watch the welcome video and plan your schedule so you can take action on the tasks as they come in (and win prizes! 😁)

*You'll pay £1 today and then two more instalments of £111 after that if you choose the payment plan.

Hey, I'm Ola!

I created this program because I got inspired by a fitness challenge I took part in. It didn't really teach me anything new, but it was one of the best experiences I have ever had because it actually made me build some healthy habits, see results in my body and continue seeing them even when it finished.

So I decided to replicate it!

I realised most teachers don't have to or want to become professional marketers. But this paralysing feeling of 'all or nothing' is leaving them feeling stuck in their marketing and struggling to see results.
Not anymore! I'm here to help you push through those blocks and start getting inquiries from dream students with tons of accountability, support and a sprinkle of gamification!

What's not to love?!

The Rocket Fuel is designed to work for you, even if…

You have a modest following of less than a few hundred followers (that really doesn't matter)
You don’t like social media and would rather walk across hot coals than dance on a reel
You feel completely gross by the thought of selling (I’ll show you how to do it without being ‘salesy’)
You have tried tons of marketing hacks but none of them have really worked for you before (these aren’t hacks - they’re strategies. And they work.)

*You'll pay £1 today and then two more instalments of £111 after that.

You might be wondering...

How do I know if this is for me?

If you're a language teacher or coach and you've been confused by the amount of marketing advice and struggling to be consistent not only in your marketing activities but also in actually attracting students into your world, then this is definitely for you!

What if I don’t like posting on social media?

I get it, but I will probably say that this is because you haven’t found a way to use social media that feels good for you. You don’t have to film silly reels or post every day to ‘do social media right’. I will show you how to get results in a way that feels authentic to you.

Can I just find all this advice for free online?

Of course. In the same way that your students can learn the ENTIRE language you teach online without a single bit of support from you. 😉

Let’s be honest: it will probably take you years of searching and experimenting to figure things out. The real value of this sprint is in the fact that I am giving you the roadmap AND showing how they work specifically for language teachers and coaches. You can’t find that for free online.

Will I have to do the tasks every day?

No! There will be tasks for you to do every day from Monday to Friday BUT you don't have to do them all to succeed. I will be encouraging you to take action. But let's be honest - it's not the only thing you'll be doing at the time. So we can always make adjustments that fit your busy schedule!

Is this just a course?

That's a big fat NO. This is not a course. You won't be just learning - you will be implementing. This may feel uncomfortable. You may want to punch me in the face for making you do things that aren't perfect. You may want to kill me for not letting you spend more than 15 mins on one post in Canva. THIS IS ALL OK. 😉

The first edition was a SPLENDID success with 80% people completing all the tasks and seeing tangible progress in their business!

How will you make sure I take action if it’s a self-paced course?

This program is especially set up to encourage you to implement the tasks as you go:

Content will be drip-fed each week so you avoid overwhelm
Tasks are super actionable and quick to implement (around 10 mins per day after we've established your foundations)
You will be encouraged to comment whenever you’ve finished a task
You will win guaranteed prizes for completing the tasks - the more you finish, the more you win
I will be here if you have any questions or need any clarification at any time inside the community group

Honestly, it will be a miracle if you make it to the end without taking action. 😅

How much is it? How come it's £1?

It's NOT £1. The program NORMALLY costs £333 (or 3x £111) but this is a very special one-off discount where you can pay £223 in full or start for £1 today and then pay two more instalments of £111 (monthly and charged automatically on your card or PayPal).

Can I have an invoice?

Absolutely! Just fill out all the fields when making the purchase and an invoice will automatically be sent to you!

What if I change my mind - can I get a refund?

Nope, there are no refunds. So if you have any suspicion that you won’t like the Rocket Fuel, then I suggest you don’t buy it or ask me any questions before you join!

You don't have to become a professional marketer for your teaching business to thrive.

You just need a plan that actually works. Join Rocket Fuel. Get Fuelled by action.

*You'll pay £1 today and then two more instalments of £111 after that.

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