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Here's where you can find the Rocket Accelerator weekly call and copy calls recordings starting from July 2024

Questions from today:

Claire 1:24

techy questions:

  1. to have clients pay in instalments, what's the most pain free platform? (On my website I can set it up I think, and also with PayPal. I'm not familiar with Stripe..?)
  2. I sent a mass mail announcing 1-1 price raises, but now I need to give my clients all the info about the fact that group courses will be the way to go (as well as tell them about the price raise there etc. etc.) - better to email them all individually, using their child's name etc.? Or just send a mass mail and hope for the best?

Questions from today:

Angelika 0:42

When creating my course we talked about, My goal is to earn more, Il ove my students and their progress. I want them to take action but is it okay for me to wait and hope and focus for more money?

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