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"I feel calmer and more in alignment with myself. I charge more and teach fewer hours. I work with my dream students. I never would have implemented these changes if it hadn't been for The Rocket."

Learn how to package your language teaching service into an irresistible offer to stand out from the crowd of other teachers and attract students you love working with

You feel great about your job and helping people reach their language goals, but your freelance business? Not so much.

You’re a teacher. You know how to teach and plan lessons.

But business and marketing? You probably wish you had a magic wand that would make them disappear. Yet you know you don't want to work for language schools or online platforms anymore. Maybe you did in the past and felt massively screwed over or burnt out. 

Freelancing is where you may have (accidentally) ended up but it's proving a bit more difficult than anticipated, am I right?

you feel a bit scattered and very often tired because there's just so much to do (and marketing is somewhere at the end of your list of priorities) 🫤
you jump from one lesson with a guy preparing for an exam to a lesson with... a 12-year-old child 🫠
you spend SO MUCH TIME planning lessons, well because, see point above... 😌
you get students from referrals, but to work with people you don't actually want to work with, but you can't justify saying 'no' because money is tight or because you feel bad 😞
you see other teachers have it allll figured out - you maybe even look up to those with a bigger following thinking that clearly they must know something that you don’t 🧐
you know something needs to change but you're not sure what it is...

Well, let me tell you exactly why that is and how to take your freelance teaching business from scattered to thriving

The chaos comes from the fact that you are qualified to teach, but nobody has ever taught you the rules of business before. So it's completely not your fault!

The rules of business are quite simple. To be able to market your lessons, you need to know exactly who they are for, what problem (that isn't necessarily purely linguistic) they have and how your offer will help them solve it.

When you figure those FOUNDATIONS out, everything else becomes simple because:

knowing who you're helping you will know how to find those people and what content to create to attract them (and no, they are not just 'learners' I'm afraid)
getting specific with the problem you solve for them will help you stand out from the crowd of other teachers and charge premium prices because you'll become a specialist rather than a generalist!
having a clear offer will mean you're no longer spending hours planning and creating bespoke lesson plans so you'll feel much calmer and less tired

Imagine waking up every day excited about your teaching AND your freelance business that runs with so much more ease, simplicity and profit!

And all that because...

You're working with people you enjoy, who pay well and are committed!
You’re no longer spending hours creating lessons because you only work with one specific type of student so you can predict what they need and repeat your materials and processes!
You’re charging premium rates because you’re no longer comparing yourself to other teachers - you’re your own brand and you specialise in helping specific people, which makes you an expert (goodbye to being a commodity!)
You finally know how to promote yourself to find the ideal students to work with you. And it doesn’t include posting ‘word of the day’ type of posts or dancing on reels while explaining Present Perfect vs Past Simple - more so, it may mean not creating social media content at all!

This is what happens when you turn your lessons into an in-demand product. Let me show you how.

Ready to finally thrive, not just survive, in your freelance teaching business?


The Rocket Take Off

A unique 3-week course for freelance language teachers that shows you how to package your lessons into an irresistible offer to stand out from the crowd of other teachers and attract students you love working with!

I never would have implemented these changes if it hadn't been for The Rocket

I have made some serious changes that have vastly improved my quality of life. I feel calmer and more in alignment with myself. I charge more and teach fewer hours. I work with my dream students, and at times that are most convenient for me. I have a contract in place with crystal-clear policies and expectations. I have an IG account with a modest following and actually enjoy creating content. I have started up an email list. I have been working on a signature course that I will be testing with a small group next term. I never would have implemented these changes if it hadn't been for The Rocket. The best part about this? This is only the beginning...

Sophie Bekaert


Here’s what you’ll learn inside the course:

Discover what's unique about you and your teaching style and what kind of people would pay premium rates for your help (because they exist!!!)
Package your lessons into an irresistible offer, price it confidently and get ready to sell it
Set your appointment and lesson delivery systems up, plan your marketing (that doesn't involve posting daily) and get ready to attract those awesome people into your world!

All of that delivered to you with...

12 Video lessons with closed captions
Action-packed workbooks so you know what to do at each stage
Private Podcast Feed so you can learn on the go
Invite to a private community of Richer Teachers for support and networking
A bundle of templates to help you understand your audience, plan your offer and have a successful first meeting with your student
a bunch of tech tutorials to help you set your scheduling system up
choose your image

I've paced the course so it's ideally done in 3 weeks BUT you can totally binge it in one day and implement straight away!

Here's what you'll learn:


In the first week we will find your Zone Of Genius, how you can monetise what you do best and decide who will be happy to pay for that genius of yours! You’ll know who your ideal student is so that creating an offer for them is a piece of cake and so that it’s much easier for you to find them online!


In the second week we will look at what your ideal student needs (and wants) and how we can deliver that in a simple package. We will pour all your teaching magic into an irresistible offer that will position you as an expert in a specific field and will therefore be worth at least 3 time more than an hour of language class.

Take Off!

In the final week I will push you to take action - you will actually go out into the wild and start promoting your offer. I will give you 3 ways in which you can market your offer fastest and most efficiently without creating tons of posts or dancing on reels. You’ll set your systems up (thing like payments, calendar bookings and contracts) so you’re ready to welcome your first high-paying ideal student and delight them.

What about bonuses?

This course has EVERYTHING you need to succeed and thrive as a freelance language teacher and therefore I’m not including any bonuses. I’ve learned that the more stuff I put into my courses, the less action people take. And I’m committed to you taking action and getting amazing results. So trust me when I say The Rocket Take Off has exactly what you need to reach new heights in your freelance teaching business.

Hundreds of teachers can't be wrong:

When you invest in Ola's courses you get a carrier coach and a therapist. I've struggled with inactivity for the last 2 years and Ola's course just made me push through those walls of fear and self-doubt. What I took from the Rocket Take Off was a clear understanding of how to focus on your client's needs and create the perfect offer for them. How to enjoy experimenting with marketing and how to trust myself that I am a good teacher. The mindset shift was amazing. In just three weeks I started looking at pricing and the value of my work in a totally different light. Ola's course is worth so much more than the price tag. You'll get results and that will be the foundation of the new you. A more confident, powerful self.

Dana Piscoi


I've just finished this course and gained very valuable knowledge on language teaching marketing. It's worth it. I can't wait to implement them on my IG page. This course should be put in the curriculum for language teachers in college. Thank you, Ola!

Plus, I really like Ola personality-wise. She inspires you to TAKE ACTION!!

choose your image


English teacher

I am not very good at writing testimonials so I will just tell you what goals I have accomplished thanks to Rocket and Richer Teacher community. When I discovered Ola, I had already quit my school job and was doing some online lessons.

-Set up my website (learnt through videos in the community)
-Groupified some of my lessons (idea was there but the courage was not)
-Moved abroad (the main reason why I decided to become online)
-Got a foreign student (another goal I had)
-Raised prices in January (lost 1 student who returned later)
-Learnt many other things (now I can afford and allocate time for professional development)
-Narrowed down my niche (now I only do higher levels and IELTS, mostly fully booked) 

All these achievements in less than a year. It is scary but totally doable when you have support and encouraging people around you. It totally pays off.

Ilke Atican

English teacher from Turkey

Other things people have said

And here's what they said about my working with me and their results:

This will be perfect for you if:

You’re a freelance language teacher meaning that you mainly work for yourself or you want to fully transition to working for yourself*
You have tried finding your own students before but it's been a struggle or you had to rely on word of mouth
You’re tired of constantly teaching for peanuts and having to teach more if you want to make more
You don't really buy into what most teachers do on social media - posting tons of reels and videos explaining the language - you know there must be a different way (because there is!)
You've tried staying consistent and visible on social media but you mainly attracted other teachers to your account
You’re open-minded, really passionate about your job, yet feeling like you’re being massively undervalued
You’re ready to commit, take action and understand that the program in itself is not a guarantee of your success but if you do put in the work, you’ll very likely to see positive results very soon!

* this approach will most likely work for you if you’re only just starting your freelance teaching business but it might be a bit of a steeper learning curve (contact me if you’re not sure - happy to have a chat!)

This is not for you if:

You’re happy with the money that you currently make in your freelance teaching business
You’re not interested in selling your teaching as a service/package and want to continue charging by the hour
You want to create a digital product or group course (this course does not cover that but my signature group coaching program the Rocket Accelerator* does)
You just want to learn what content to create to attract students (that's not my approach!)
It won’t help if you’re not ready to put in the work and commit to trying something new that might feel uncomfortable at times and will require you to get out of your comfort zone

*you can read more about the Rocket Accelerator here!

Ready to find your first high-paying student?

It’s time to finally get you out of the teaching hamster wheel, find your first well-paying student and take your freelance language teaching business to new heights?

Join The Rocket Takeoff today and let's blast off together!

Join now for £97 £247.

In case we haven’t formally met yet… HELLO!

I’m Ola!

And I help freelance language teachers build businesses and teach the language on their own terms!

As a former teacher, teacher trainer and language school owner, I've always had a burning passion for helping others learn and grow. I started my first business online in 2020. But I soon realised the language teaching world is missing something.

You see, many freelance language teachers struggle to make a decent salary and end up feeling isolated and unfulfilled. They may have the skills and the passion, but they lack the guidance and support to truly thrive in their profession.

I created The Rocket Take Off because I am a teacher at heart and I understand what it feels like to struggle in our profession.

The Rocket Takeoff isn't just about making money, though. It's about creating a fulfilling and balanced life. I believe that teaching the language shouldn't mean sacrificing your own happiness and well-being.

I don’t believe that you need to make 6 figures to be fulfilled as a teacher. But I do think most teachers should charge more and work less. My mission is to help passionate teaching language nerds see their own potential and start sharing their gifts with the world in a profitable, sustainable and enjoyable way through their businesses.

Personally, I’m obsessed with self help books (my favourite is the Big Leap), personal development, listening to multiple audiobooks at once and driving leisurely. I have ADHD and am always on the lookout for new strategies to get less distracted (with miserable effect, though). I hate olives, raisins and salmon but I love pistachios. When I’m not coaching teachers I spend time with my husband and my son, our sausage dog, Libby - who likes to climb all over me while I'm working so expect to meet her on one of the lives I often run 😉

You may be wondering...

Is it a self-paced course? Can I ask questions?

At the moment it is! But I will organise Q&As in the future and I will invite you for sure!

You also get a special invite to join my client-only Facebook group 'Richer teachers' where you can always ask me and the community as many questions as you like!

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you’re a freelance language teacher and you feel stuck not knowing how to find more students, thinking that all you have to do is create more content and do MORE, then it’s likely you’ll find this course beneficial. It teaches you a completely different approach to what most teachers are currently doing but one that actually makes sense (from the marketing point of view) and works (see testimonials above!)

What if I don't want to do 1:1s anymore and prefer groups?

That's great! But. Before you think about scaling into group programs, you need your foundations in place. So I'd recommend doing the Take Off, getting a few high-paying 1:1 students to prove the concept of your new offer and then let's talk about the Rocket Accelerator. (+ as a Take Off alumni you get a discount on it ayway!)

How much time will it take me to implement The Rocket Take off teachings?

I’d say you’ll need up to an hour to watch the content weekly and about 2-3 hours to implement. Maybe a bit more in week 3 where there is some tech involved.

How long will I have access to the Rocket Take Off?

Once you purchase it, it’s yours to keep!

Does this only work for freelance language teachers?

I love this question! The short answer is no - this can work for other language professionals too. Bottom line - if you help your clients get some sort of a result and if your work can be packaged into a product then it will work for you too.
If you wonder whether it will work for you at your stage of business then I’d say - probably. For beginner teachers the learning curve might be a bit steeper as you’re still developing your unique style of teaching and preferences. But if you’re patient and willing to put in the work and want to have solid foundations in your business from the beginning - go for it!

What if I don’t like the course?

If you have any suspicion that this might not be what you’re looking for then I wouldn’t buy it. There are no refunds available so if you have questions or doubts - please ask me now. You can reach out to me on Instagram or via the chat box on my website!

What if I need more support after the program finishes?

I’m glad you’ve asked. For all the Rocket Take Off alumni there will be a chance to join the next program where we will work on growing your business into a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable thing with the help of a group program (and passive income products)! And that's the Rocket Accelerator!

What’s the investment?

It’s £247. 

Do I need specific tech to implement this?

I will give you some options when it comes to tech but they won’t be costly (some may even be free). They will include Calendly, a video meeting tool, Google Drive and an email marketing system. You will have an option to invest in more advanced tech and I will include some tutorials on how to set yourself up.

Will this work if I teach kids/if I live in Spain/<insert any other specific circumstance>?

I do not give empty guarantees because that's just unethical. But what I teach in this course is specific to language teaching and therefore makes me pretty positive that it will work for you no matter what country or context you teach in, as long as it's within the foreign language teaching industry!

My question isn’t here...

If you have any other questions, just use the chat on this page/dm me on Instagram.

Let's finally take off your teaching business!


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