Build and sell a profitable group course that works for you and your students

The 6-month coaching program for ambitious language teachers ready to turn their passion into profit with a group offer that sells

Ready to turn your teaching superpowers into a profitable language course?

Who am I kidding, of course you are. Because you’re not only super passionate about teaching, but an entrepreneur at heart. You’re an ambitious action-taker with more ideas than you can keep track of. You’ve got plenty of 1:1 students, too.

But 1:1 teaching isn’t ALL you want to do!

You want to enjoy more freedom, more balance, more money AND more impact. And you know teaching group classes is the best way to do that.

In theory, it sounds simple, doesn’t it? Group students at a similar level, teach them weekly, have more time and income…

But in reality:

You feel like you have to convince people to join groups instead of 1:1s, which feels uncomfortable and salesy.
You worry about how you will group and manage people and what you will teach because maybe you haven’t created a group curriculum before.
You struggle to fill your groups so you feel like you suck at marketing when everyone else seems to have it figured out.

There’s only one reason for all of this, my dear teacher. And it’s not your fault.

The online language learning world is changing rapidly.

Generic group classes are becoming a thing of the past.

Students don’t want to study for years to go from A2 to B1 and so on. They want tangible results, and they want them fast.

That means building a course that offers a practical outcome your students can achieve in months, not years.

And then packaging it into a product that’s irresistible to your people.

Now imagine THIS:

You’re selling spaces on your new group course with ease because you’re so clear and confident on the results it delivers
Your email list is growing and you are receiving DMs from dream students who say that your offer is exactly what they need
You feel so much happier and more at ease now you know exactly what to post to promote your offer in a way that feels good for YOU
You have tons more time to focus on creating new products and income streams now you’re not teaching or worrying about content all the time
You have a bazillion times more confidence in yourself - you trust your decisions and you know that you’re capable of growing your business (just like I know you are)

Now let’s make that your reality, shall we? 😁


The Rocket Accelerator

The only business coaching program that teaches language professionals to plan, test, build and sell a profitable group offer that delivers tangible results for you and your students.

I can see a major shift in my thinking and the way I feel about
myself as a business owner

The program has been truly transformational for me. Thanks to Ola and the amazing support from the other members, I was able to overcome a huge block in my business. I am now constantly challenged into action and can see a major shift in my thinking and the way I feel about myself as a business owner (and not just as a teacher). 

I cannot possibly pinpoint one single breakthrough, but I can tell you that thanks to Ola’s Rocket 
program, I finally created my own website, I set up an email marketing system, I learned how to write effective copy, how to create a landing page, how to design the perfect course for my audience’s needs, how to price my services and negotiate with clients without the feeling of guilt or discomfort, how to overcome my impostor syndrome, how to prepare for a launch (step-by-step), how to trust myself and not be afraid to experiment to see what works best for my business, and how to pick myself up and try again after a flopped launch. In a nutshell, my business has really taken off!'

Bistra B. Maugeri


Turn your superpower into a sustainable teaching business with:

8-week curriculum

Pre-recorded lessons walk you through my proven process for planning, launching and selling a signature group offer that delivers results students will jump to buy.

Workbooks and tasks

Every module comes with templates, worksheets, tasks and spreadsheets to make sure you feel nudged to take action as you learn and start trusting yourself and your ideas!

6 months of coaching

This is where MAJOR mindset and business shifts will happen. We will meet weekly for Q&As, so you can pick my brains and feel 100% supported throughout the whole journey.

1 x month Office Hours

Every month, there will be one day where you can ask me anything in our 1:1 Slack channel. From advice, to launching, to tricky clients, I’m here to help with whatever you need.

Copywriting support

My biz bestie Lauren Martin is joining us every other month for a LIVE copy Q&A to help you write about your brand new course in a way that even makes YOU want to buy it!

Teacher community

On top of the weekly meetings we will have an active Slack channel where you can ask questions, rant and connect with your fellow Rocketers. The magic of the program is in the group.

I’ve accomplished so much more with the support of Ola and the group than I would have on my own

“After the Rocket (course), I was so energized and inspired. I had so many ideas and dreams for what to do next with my business. But I knew myself and I was worried I wouldn’t follow through on them if I was on my own.
The group coaching part has been the perfect solution for accountability, support, and community, especially in a job that can be isolating working from home! I know my biz is still a work in progress, but I’ve accomplished so much more with the support of Ola and the group than I would have on my own. My energy is being focused on the right things, I know where to go next, and I don’t lose time trying to figure things out on my own when I know I have a team behind me. Best investment ever!”

Katie Kujawski


Here’s everything we will do over the next 6 months:

The weekly lessons are pre-recorded so that you can work through the content at a speed that feels doable for you. BUT! We will talk about everything weekly on our coaching calls (and on Slack), so if you ever get stuck or have a question, you only need to ask!

Phase 1: IGNITE Challenge

Before you can build a signature course, you need to know it’s what your students want. We will start by confirming your audience and the specific goal they will achieve. Then we will test, validate and sell your first group offer… all in 28 days.

Plan and create your first group mini offer - a workshop!
Overcome nasty mindset gremlins and feel confident in yourself
Sell spaces for your workshop and start making money back
Use your workshop results to plan your full-blown signature offer

Phase 2: Build the Rocket

Using the insights you gathered from running your workshop, next you will plan and create your signature group course. I will guide you step-by-step through my OWN planning process developed from years as a language course designer and business coach to make absolutely sure it delivers a clear, tangible outcome that you feel confident in promoting.

Figure out the course outcome and route to get students there
Plan your modules, lessons, materials and assignments in detail
Know where to host and deliver your course
Discover simple techniques to make sure your students take action and succeed

Phase 3: Make them see your Rocket!

Marketing... I know that it feels sleazy, wrong, difficult or not for you. But what if it wasn’t any of those things? In module three you will create a clear, actionable marketing plan that works for YOU and suits your strengths. No hacks. No blueprints. Just tons of clarity and confidence!

Understand the marketing funnel and how to attract the right students
Choose two core marketing channels you will use (that won’t suck the life out of you)
Create a strategic content plan that makes you look forward to posting
Set up all the tech ready to make your first sale (I know, so soon! 🤩)

Phase 4: Launch the Rocket!

Next, we will go through the process of running a launch. You will discover the core principles of promoting a new offer and make a plan for sharing it with the world. Don’t worry - you will have me by your side to help you prepare for and navigate every last twist and turn.

Plan your launch with a realistic and doable timeline
Understand the basics of copywriting so you can write words that sell
Write a copywriter-approved sales page (using a template, don’t worry)
Master your mindset around selling so you stay calm during your launch

Phase 5: Keep Flying

You’ve launched… what next? We will finish the course by creating a plan you can follow to sell your offer on repeat. You will learn what you can do with your workshop recording, how you can make your business more profitable and how to add passive income streams as well as selling your 1:1 lessons and group program.

Plan upsells and downsells to maximise your profit with little effort
Learn how to sell your course on repeat
Understand the concept of an offer mix and where your course fits in it
Take steps to creating passive income for your teaching business

What about those six months of group coaching?

I know that it’s a LOT to plan, build, launch and sell your first signature offer in 6 weeks. That’s why this isn’t just a self-paced course.

It’s six months of weekly group coaching calls, where I will answer your questions, give advice and nudge you to take action so you trust in yourself and see magical results.

BUT! It’s not just about me. The POWER of this program is in the group. You get as energised from each other as from me. Teachers are excellent at supporting each other - let's use that for our own benefit!

This is the best group programme I've ever been a part of!

“This is the best group programme I've ever been a part of. It brings me joy every week to work on my business with such a beautiful group of fellow colleagues and of course with you Ola!”

Sam Davies


Anyone can teach you business. I’m here to show you how to do it like a teacher.

Hello! I'm Ola 

And as a teacher turned teacher trainer turned business coach, I know better than anyone what goes into building a profitable and sustainable language teaching business.

Over the last two-and-a-bit years, I have helped hundreds of language teachers build thriving, enjoyable businesses they AND their students love.

The Rocket Accelerator distils everything I teach to help you do the same. You will learn to market your business authentically, create an incredible language course, get feedback on your ideas, be inspired by other teachers and make huge shifts in your mindset and your business.

It’s my most transformational program yet, and I can’t WAIT to see where it takes you.

Ola understands teachers who are passionate about teaching

“Shortly after starting my business, I joined a community for teachers. While it was a great place to learn, some of the techniques they used didn't sit well with me. It felt like everything was about teaching less and making more. I’m not interested in teaching less. I’m interested in teaching better.

Ola understands teachers who are passionate about teaching. She understands that we want to treat our clients as human beings. That we don’t want to make false promises or devalue our jobs as teachers.”

Cathrine Angus


I’m not going to lie. This is the second time I am launching the Rocket Accelerator in its current format. BUT! After three months, the teachers inside are already flying.

Like Claire, who got crystal clear on her target audience, started saying no to non-ideal clients and is feeling more confident than ever before and is now getting ready to start her group courses in the summer!

And Eliza, who has never felt so focused in her marketing - she's built her lead magnet, started an email list and gained tons of momentum thanks to being pushed to take meaningful action all the time!

And Olivia, who has grown her email list by 400% and now regularly gets replies from ideal clients saying how much they love her content.

And Abbie, who has realised what her superpowers were and sold her workshop that is now ready to get turned into a passive product!

Last November, these teachers were where you are now. Now they’re absolutely thriving as confident language business owners.
I can only wonder, where will you go?! 😁

So, you’re probably wondering about the price?

Based on this amazing feedback and results AND the fact that this new and improved program includes SIX MONTHS of live coaching, it is worth around £5000.

And to be honest with you, teacher, it will be priced closer to this in the future. But because you will be one of the first people to board the upgraded The Rocket Accelerator, you can join us for a much lower price…

Payment plan

Pre-recorded curriculum
Workbooks, templates and tasks
6 months of coaching (calls 2-3x a month)
1 x month 1:1 Office Hours
Copy Q&A every other month
Private Slack community channel
free access to my flagship program the Rocket Take Off that helps you create a 1:1 offer

 6 x £333

Pay in full

Pre-recorded curriculum
Workbooks, templates and tasks
6 months of coaching (calls 2-3x a month)
1 x month 1:1 Office Hours
Copy Q&A every other month
Private Slack community channel
free access to my flagship program the Rocket Take Off that helps you create a 1:1 offer


"I am forever grateful to Ola and her revolutionary product, the Rocket. With her down-to-earth and authentic approach, she has transformed me from a freelance teacher to a confident business owner. No one else in the industry possesses her genuine desire to help others succeed. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend investing in yourself by signing up for the Rocket."



"The Rocket program has had a profound impact on my professional life. I've successfully launched new offers and built funnels! I developed a new mindset and renewed confidence in myself and my business. This shift has allowed me to trust my instincts and make decisions aligned with my values and goals. The program has been a game changer providing me with the practical tools and the mindset shift I needed to take my business to the next level."



“I follow different business coaches and I appreciate their advice, but there's always this barrier with the language market being different.
Ola’s unique selling point for me was also that she is a teacher. She helped me organise the things in my head in a different way. That was the perfect combination for me because we could discuss both business and teaching. I also really appreciate the group work because I can also see how other people teach, what kind of methods they use. It was really inspiring.



This would normally be where I introduce the bonuses. But there are none.

It may sound crazy, but I’ve learned that the more stuff I put into my courses, the less action people take. And I’m committed to you doing the work and getting amazing results.

So trust me when I say The Rocket Accelerator has everything you need to build and create a practical, profitable language course that works for you and your students.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s a big investment.

And that’s why this program isn’t for everyone. That’s also why I don’t want you to join if you aren’t already making money from your freelance teaching work. If that is you, then The Rocket Take off*  may be a better option for you right now.

But if you ARE already making money, and you want to create a scalable group program (not just group classes), then here’s my promise to you:

If you complete the Rocket Accelerator and you don’t get a return on investment by the end of the 6 months, I will let you take the program again for FREE.

Yep. That’s how confident I am that if you complete the curriculum and the workbooks and take action to launch your course, you will make your money back. Just like the fabulous teachers before you…

“Before, I felt super under-qualified as a business owner. I was a super teacher - not a super entrepreneur! I didn’t have a single class on how to do marketing, make my business more scalable or how to design a brand! Frankly, I navigated with my eyes closed and hoped for the best outcome, which often left me feeling uneasy 🙁

My business was absolutely revolutionised since the ! I increased my prices so that I finally earn a happy wage, I introduced 3 seasonal offers, and nothing beats the sense of stability and pride my new income gives me (f*** to all the people who said I’d never earn as much as my engineer fiancé because guess what ). You don’t even know how many possibilities there are until you’ve worked with you Ola!”



Do you need a course like this?

Without speaking to you, I cannot say for sure. But I can help you look at your options:

>>> You could learn all of this yourself using free materials online…

… It’s totally possible. And some people have done that before. It just takes a lot more time and experimenting to find the right offer and get to where you want to go.

>>> You could take a cheaper online business course…
… … But based on what many of my past clients say, it probably won’t include advice on how to create effective course content that sells AND helps your students achieve a clear language goal.

Or? You could save yourself many hours of worry, frustration, imposter syndrome and stress by following my proven method for building an effective language course AND a successful language teaching business alongside an INCREDIBLE group of teachers just like you…

*when you join the Rocket Accelerator you're getting the Rocket Take Off as a gift from me as well.

Payment plan

Pre-recorded curriculum
Workbooks, templates and tasks
6 months of coaching (calls 2-3x a month)
1 x month Office Hours
Copy Q&A every other month
Private Slack community channel
free access to my flagship program the Rocket Take Off that helps you create a 1:1 offer

6 x £333

Pay in full

Pre-recorded curriculum
Workbooks, templates and tasks
6 months of coaching (calls 2-3x a month)
1 x month Office Hours
Copy Q&A every other month
Private Slack community channel
free access to my flagship program the Rocket Take Off that helps you create a 1:1 offer


Wondering what results you can expect from the Rocket Accelerator?

In 28 days, you will have launched a paid workshop to validate your course topic idea.
In about 6 weeks, you will know exactly how to market your brand new group offer (with tons of great content ideas!)
And in 6 short months, you will have a whole new level of confidence in yourself, your business and your next steps

As well as an amazing community of fellow language nerds - aka your lifelong cheerleaders, friends and business besties!

And before you ask, YES - ALL of this is possible for you even if…

You feel like you suck at marketing, selling and launching offers right now
You don't think of yourself as an entrepreneur or you ‘have low business acumen’ (I’m making it all relevant to language teachers!)
You don't feel comfortable selling and you want to market your business on your own terms (that's what this is all about!)

“As a struggling teacher, I was worried about spending that kind of money. In all honesty, I found myself using the excuses most potential clients in my own industry make, i.e. I can find the information online myself for free.

However, I saved myself a ton of time and failure. I know I'd still be looking for these answers (and probably for much longer into the future) if I hadn't signed up for your course.

Plus, while all of this business information is out there, you understand it and have made it more applicable and practical for teachers.”

Gabriella Sosnowski


You deserve to turn your talents into a language course that impacts
you and your students.

Me and your team of fellow language teachers are here to guide and cheer you on every step of the way. There will be laughter. There will be breakthroughs. There will be friendships made for life. Because this isn’t just a course - it’s a container for ambitious, incredible teachers who are ready to take action, support each other and SUCCEED.

Is that you?

“I joined the Rocket because I needed a roadmap and guidance on the right mindset for running a business. I've learned that students want instant results from lessons, so I've focused on work-oriented, grammar-oriented, and conversation-oriented courses. Each course has its purpose and goal, and students achieve results in months, not years. Now, students finish classes with a 100% satisfaction rate and they keep coming back.

Joining the Rocket was the best decision I could have made.”

Asia Rubacha


The Rocket Accelerator is for you if:

You want to move away from being a freelance language teacher and build a full-blown teaching business
You have been teaching 1:1 classes for some time, and you want to run groups but you aren’t sure how to sell them (or you already tried grouping your students, and it didn’t go well)
You feel a little lonely in your business and you want a circle of people who understand you. (Like work friends but better!!)
You have sought support from a business coach before but it wasn’t relevant to you as a teacher or it made you feel stressed and pressured (none of that here)
You want to build a sustainable business your way, without feeling pushed to sell, sell, sell or do things on someone else’s timeline
You want as much help with building the content of your course as marketing and selling it so that it has maximum impact for you and your students

It’s probably not for you if:

The Rocket Take Off * will help you with that, though!

You don’t already have an audience of potential students and you’re looking for support to help you build that
You are happy being a freelance language teacher and you don’t want to build a business (or deal with all the tech that comes with it)
You are looking for a quick fix solution to finding more students and you aren’t willing to put in the work (the only way you will see results is by taking action)
You look at the price of this course and feel worried about how you will afford it. It’s made for teachers at a stage of their business, where this number should feel a little scary but doable and exciting. Message me if you have questions about this.

Still not sure? Send me a message on my chat box below or DM me on Instagramand I will help you decide if this is right for you.

*when you join the Rocket Accelerator you're getting the Rocket Take Off as a gift from me as well.

“If you're concerned about making such a big investment in yourself, because you've never done so before, you're in good company. After I clicked on the "confirmation" button to pay for the Rocket, my hands were literally shaking. I had to lie down to have a nap!

Six months later, here I am: I have made some serious changes that have vastly improved my quality of life. I feel calmer and more in alignment with myself. I have been working on a signature course that I will be testing with a small group next term. I believe I never would have implemented these changes if it hadn't been for The Rocket. The best part about this? This is only the beginning…”

Sophie Bekaert


You may still be wondering...

Does this course come with live support/what if I have questions?

Yes! There are 2-3 live calls every month for six months included in this course. You will also have a chance to ask questions in our private Facebook group! My past clients have said that the coaching calls are one of the most valuable parts of the course. It’s not only a chance to ask me ANYTHING but also learn from the other teachers.

Will you help me with other aspects of my business?

The course revolves around your group course and we're mainly going to be focusing on that - including its content, marketing and sales. BUT! In the last module we will also talk about other offers and passive income products that you can start introducing into your business after the initial launch of the group course.

Plus I'm gifting you free access to my flagship course on packaging your teaching into a 1:1 offer and finding your high-paying 1:1 clients.

So, essentialy - yes, you're getting support in every aspect of your business!

Is it a self-paced course?

Yes and no. The course curriculum is self paced so you can do the lessons and take action at your own pace. But we will meet weekly for 60-90 minutes on a group call, where we will all catch up, troubleshoot your questions and plan your action for the next week.

When do the live calls take place?

The live calls will happen on Wednesdays at 10AM UK time/ 11 AM CET starting on the 15th November. And yes - they will be recorded.

What if I don’t like the course?

If you have any suspicion that this might not be what you’re looking for then I wouldn’t buy it. There are no refunds available so if you have questions or doubts - please ask me now. You can reach out to me on Instagram or via the chat box below!

How much time will it take me to implement The Rocket Accelerator teachings?

I’d say you’ll need about 1-2 hours to watch the content weekly and about 3-5 hours to implement. Maybe a bit more as you work through the modules as there is more to do and learn (especially with the marketing and sales parts).

I’ve seen other business courses for teachers. What makes this different?

Good question. The Rocket Accelerator isn’t just about learning business. It’s about learning to create and structure a fantastic course that delivers tangible life-based results for you and your students BEFORE learning how to market and sell it.

You’ve already got the skills and the ambition.
All you need now is the strategy.

Because when you have that magical language course idea and a clear marketing map to follow, there will be no stopping you from reaching the moon.

Move aside, Elon. The language nerds are coming. 😁


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