Ready to move beyond 1:1 lessons? Let me show you how to start!

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If you’re a passionate educator looking to take your teaching business to the next level and reach a wider audience, you’ve come to the right place.

Scaling your teaching business can be an exciting yet daunting endeavour, but with the right strategies and guidance, you can achieve so much!

In this article, we’ll explore one of my favourite ways of taking the first step beyond 1:1 lessons and towards creating your first 1-to-many offer.

Whether you’re a freelance teacher or an experienced edupreneur, I bet you can use this strategy to further expand your business and gain some insight into what your audience wants that can inspire you, later on, to create more group offers and ultimately – leverage your time and make more money!

Why 1-to-many offers are important: The benefits of 1-to-many offers and why they are crucial to scaling your language teaching business

So, picture this: you’ve got a thriving language teaching business, but you find yourself limited by the number of hours in a day. You want to reach more students, make a bigger impact, and expand your reach, right? That’s where 1-to-many offers come to the rescue!

These magical products/courses will allow you to teach multiple students at once, maximising your time and efforts. Not only does it give you the opportunity to help more people, but it also enables you to scale your business without sacrificing quality.

By creating a supportive and interactive group environment, you can foster collaboration among students, encourage peer learning, and spark engaging discussions or give students access to your expertise whenever they have time to study (that’s the case with digital products).

Plus, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved: more students benefit from your expertise, and you get to see your language teaching business soar to new heights. So, if you’re ready to take your language teaching to the next level, let’s dive into the wonderful world of 1-to-many offers!

Examples of 1-to-many offers that a language teacher could create

When it comes to 1-to-many offers in your language teaching business, the possibilities are endless! But let’s look at a few so you can get an idea!

  1. Group classes/courses – simply grouping up your students or running a more specific group course might be a great place to start. They might be a bit harder to organise than 1:1 classes, but will definitely help you teach more students at once and leverage your time and obviously make more money!
  2. A language learning membership – I have had a few teacher clients who have tried this format, and they particularly enjoyed the community aspect of it. It’s an excellent idea for teachers who like to support learners on their language journey and foster their independence.
  3. Digital pre-recorded courses – there’s tech knowledge and marketing and good sales skills involved in creating successful digital courses, but it’s a fantastic option for teachers who want to sell their expertise online, enjoy a more passive income and more free time!
  4. Hybrid courses – these are a combination of a group course and a digital course where some of the material is provided in a pre-recorded format. A great idea if you want to leverage your time but also enjoy the in-contact part of your work!
  5. Language workshops – this is one of my favourite ways of creating an easy 1-to-many offer! And I think it’s one of the simplest ways to step into scaling your business! More on this below!

Language workshops as your first step beyond 1:1 teaching

Why run a language workshop?

There are so many benefits to running language workshops (at any stage of your business) but particularly when you’re ready to scale and move into 1-to-many offers because organising a workshop works like your trial run!

  • You get to test an idea for a digital product and see if it would sell
  • You get feedback from your audience on what they want (the more people are interested in your workshop the more likely it is they would want to buy other similar things from you!)
  • You get to test your sales skills and expand your business skillset
  • You basically get paid for running market research (but don’t worry if you don’t – it does happen at times, and it’s not a reason to get upset – it simply means your audience wants something else from you!)
  • If you’re easily bored and/or have hundreds of ideas all the time this might be the best outlet for them!
  • You get to run a piece of training that you can then repurpose and re-sell!

    Honestly, what not to love here?!

What are the steps of creating a workshop?

Running language workshops is SO easy. There are only 6 steps that you need to take:

  • STEP 1: Come up with a topic and scope of your workshop
  • STEP 2: Figure out the logistics (when, how will you deliver it and how will people sign up and pay)
  • STEP 3: Build a sales page 
  • STEP 4: Promote the workshop
  • STEP 5: Prepare your slides and deliver the workshop
  • STEP 6: Send the recording, celebrate and reap the rewards of having sold and run a paid thing that people loved (even if it’s ‘just’ one person – that also counts!) and you can now repurpose!

What’s next?

The world is your oyster!

You will see that creating, organising, promoting and running a workshop is a unique experience. The process is simple but it may not be easy. Honestly – it brings so much satisfaction, though, to be able to challenge ourselves before we make big moves – such as creating and selling digital courses.

In most cases teachers do a lot of what they know best how to do – teach. They teach in their jobs and they also teach instead of marketing themselves. The language becomes a marketing tool. What running a workshop does is shifting the focus from language to creating a solution for soemone’s problem. And that is exactly what we want.

The workshop is a fabulous chance to test your skills and see how your audeince reacts to things – the topic as well as your promotion. It may just be a bit less scary than selling a full-on big course.

And besides – workshops tend to be so specific that you can totally respurpose them into bonuses that you add to your courses or you can even turn them into courses.

What if I have no idea for a topic? What if I don’t know anything about creating sales pages or what if nobody buys?!

These are ALL questions that I have been asked before. In my course The Rocket Accelerator I cover all of them.

But for now – don’t worry. I will give you plenty of tips and guidance on how to come up with a good topic of your workshop but it is possible that you may have to try a few before one ‘catches’.

I will definitely share as much as I can about creating sales pages but there is tons of information online about it plus my bestie, Lauren might have an offer that will help you with that 😉 Believe me – sales page creation is one of those skills that will pay off multifold if you learn how to do well!

And if nobody buys? Nobody loses! That’s why it’s such a great strategy. There is literally NO RISK. You won’t be putting tons of hours of work into this – I will teach you how to make sure that you put as little effort into it as humanely possible so that even if it doesn’t sell, you won’t feel disappointed (that much!)

Ready to run your own language workshop? Let me know!