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Get Richer Teacher!

THE podcast for ambitious language teachers, coaches and school owners ready to build profitable, sustainable and enjoyable businesses.

Your weekly dose of free language business education

I release a new episode every Monday, covering anything from teaching to marketing to school ownership to pricing. Basically, it’s got everything you need for every stage of business.

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Episodes you might like

Episode 109 Who is your ideal student?

Knowing who your ideal client is makes it easier to create offers and be consistent with your marketing. But how do you find this ideal client?

It’s not only about personality alignment (but yes, you want to work with people who you like). Think about the common struggles and goals that people in your target audience have. Who you enjoy working with and what characteristics they have?Consider their demographics, language level, and even how much they earn. 

Episode 102 What are the dangers of charging too little for your classes and courses?

In this episode I talk about:

*the dangers of charging too little for language lessons
* pricing based on value and commitment, not just time spent teaching
* Risks of charging too little: resentment, lack of progress, high maintenance clients, financial struggles
* why it's important to raise your prices regularly

How to promote your language school online

Probably nobody opens their language school to become a marketer. You were first a teacher, then decided to become a business owner and help more students. Maybe you didn’t expect that running a language school will involve so much marketing. It can be exhausting, especially if you’re not sure what sets your business apart from other language schools.

Want to be on the podcast?

I love having guests on the show, so if you have a topic you think my community of language teaching nerds would enjoy, I want to hear it!

Hey, I'm Ola!

And I’m a business coach for language teachers, coaches and schools. My superpower is helping you discover your potential and share your gifts with the world through a profitable, sustainable and enjoyable language teaching business.

I was also a teacher once, and then a teacher trainer, and a manager. So if you're looking for the perfect combo of marketing expertise, someone who knows the language education field inside out and a big dose of energising accountability, you’re in the right place!

Ola Coaches Teachers offers online business coaching programs for language teachers.

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