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Effortlessly plan and create your own Profitable Language Course  with Plan Your Course in a Flash!

What if you could reclaim precious time and energy that is currently being wasted on course planning?

What if you knew how to plan a language course that makes your life easier but also brings amazing results to your students?

Say goodbye to long hours spent wracking your brain for ideas and struggling to create a comprehensive course outline. Instead, feel confident and prepared when delivering your language courses, knowing that you have strategically planned every aspect to ensure the best outcomes for your students. 

Watch as they not only excel in their language skills but also become your biggest advocates, recommending your courses to their friends and loved ones.



What's inside this programme?

Gain access to a comprehensive training video that walks you through the entire course planning process step-by-step, ensuring you never miss a crucial element.
Experience a stress-free planning process by following my proven framework. My method eliminates overwhelm, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional language courses
My intuitive planning spreadsheet simplifies the process, allowing you to effortlessly structure your course content, set clear objectives, and outline daily lesson plans.
Impress potential students with a comprehensive and enticing course outline that highlights the value of your language courses. My easy-to-use template enables you to showcase your expertise in a clear and organised manner, attracting new students and boosting enrolment rates
Join a vibrant community of like-minded language teachers and coaches in my exclusive Facebook group 'Richer Teachers'. Connect with peers, share experiences, and receive ongoing support and guidance from the community, as well as direct access me, your mentor.

Love it!

This is brilliant. It took me less than an hour to come up with an idea for my
new group course! And the spreadsheet is SOOO useful!



It blew my mind

This training blew my mind because it was incredibly clear, practical and can be implemented immediately. I will be coming back to it (and the spreadsheet) time and time again



I have planned my course!

I have planned my course! For 1:1s and the first group offer ever! So I can convince people to join by telling them what they can expect and I already offered 2 of my students this group course! I can save time, and I can offer something more than just group lessons.




Training video with questions to ask yourself before you plan your course's content
A planning spreadsheet and video on how to use it to plan the content of your course
A video walkthrough of an example course outline
Access to my exclusive client-only Facebook group for networking and live support

You might be wondering...

How do I know if this is for me?

Do you want to run group classes but get overwhelmed planning content for them? Are you busy teaching so are looking for a quick fix to your planning pains? Do you want to streamline your planning so it's stress-free and delivers great results for your students? Do you want to deliver a course that's not only a joy to run but is also easier to sell and brings results to your students? This training is for you!

What exactly is Plan your course in a flash and how does it work?

Plan your course in a flash is a digital course with three training videos that last about 10-25 mins each. They talk your through questions to ask yourself before planning the content of your course, planning a group course and give you a tangible example so you can easily adapt the knowledge to your own context. The spreadsheet has everything you need to plan the bigger picture of the course, its aim, every specific lesson, materials and even homework. As a bonus I also mention how you can use the outline of the course in your marketing!

How will Plan your course in a flash help me in my teaching business?

The course will not only save you tons of time but will also help you plan a course that WORKS. It is based on the methodology of Profitable language courses that I use with my clients. It helps you plan the content of the course so you can save time planning every lesson and helps you think about selling it.

How long do I have access to the recordings for?

Foreverrrrrr! Or as long as I offer it 🙂

Can I have an invoice?

Absolutely! Just fill out all the fields when making the purchase and an invoice will automatically be sent to you!

What if I have more questions?

No problem! Don't hesitate to ask me  anything using the chat window on my website (the little pink heart in the bottom right corner of the page). I'm happy to help!

If you have questions while going through the training you will have access to me (and other teachers who took the course!) inside my private Facebook group, too!

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