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Pick my brain for a full day! 📱

No need to commit to the full coaching program if we can solve your problem in just a few hours of audio messaging!

What people have said

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Exactly the type of support I want

Audio coaching with Ola has been a huge help! It feels like you’re sending voice messages or talking on the phone with a friend who is giving you advice. I love it because it’s so flexible, but also because of how effective it has been to talk through my thoughts, challenges, or what I’m working on in a way that’s not rushed. You get her full attention, but also the time and space to reflect and respond which is exactly the type of support I want.

Katie, Italy

I came away buzzing from our meeting!

I find Ola’s energy infectious and I came away buzzing from our meeting! So many ideas and the confidence to go for it! Thank you so much for your advice and wisdom!

Sam Davies, the UK

I recommend working with Ola 100%!

Ola has helped me understand better how to align my teaching business with my own values, my energy and my true self – and honestly, I believe that’s one of the most important things I’ve ever learnt about being a business owner! There are so many people out there teaching you how to build a successful business and generate a lot of money, yet so many of them forget about the most important thing – how to be happy and aligned with your true purpose in business (and trust me, money will not get you there if you don’t get other things right!) That’s why I love Ola’s approach and energy so much. She will help you overcome your blocking beliefs about teaching and she’ll show you how to become more self-confident both as a teacher and as a business owner. Ola has also showed me some great strategies to promote my group classes and reach my dream clients. I recommend working with Ola 100%!

Paola Menin, Spain

I felt this hour was real value for money

I had my power hour with Ola and we focused on a couple of action points. Not only did she give me sound advice, but she listened to me too.  Her reassurance and guidance is always top notch, but I felt this hour was real value for money. I highly recommend Ola – she’s a boss!

Erin O’Byrne, Ireland

Here's what's included in your day of coaching

🎙 a full day (from 9AM to 7PM UK time) of coaching via audio messages on Voxer

🎧 unlimited number of messages 🥳

🤩 ideal for people who have already started their business and simply need some extra guidance/to pick my brain about something!

🎙 any additional materials that I share/send that might be relevant and helpful to you

⚡️ Immediate access to the exclusive Facebook group, where all my paying clients hang out!

🤩 only £299!

Here's how it works

Step 1

Make the payment below

Step 2

Pick a day in my calendar for your Voxer day of coaching (I'm available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays most weeks!)

Step 3

Download Voxer on your phone, find me and say hi!

Step 4

On the day you can start messaging me from 9AM UK time (you can send your first message in advance if you prefer!)

Step 5

Finish the day with a fresh perspective, new ideas and a sense of renewed energy for your business!

Step 1: Make the payment 👇