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Feeling lonely and a bit confused when it comes to next steps in your teaching business?

Business building comes faster when you're guided & supported, held accountable, motivated and surrounded by people with the same goal as yours!

Join the Rocket Mastermind!👩‍🚀

You've done the initial work.

You're ambitious. You've realised a while ago that working for schools or freelancing for peanuts as a teacher IS NOT FOR YOU.

You're aware of the importance of the right mindset, you know that marketing should be proactive and sales are an art that should be practiced!

You know that you can help your students, you may even already have your perfect niche! But you may still be wondering:

How do I apply all the knowledge I've got into practice?
How do I actually use my social media to turn followers into paying students?
How do I build multiple offers in my business so that I've got different streams of revenue?
How do I write content for my website, newsletters, landing and sales pages to attract students to my world?
How do I know if what I'm doing makes sense and which ideas are worth trying out?
How can I start making more money faster and scale my business?
How do I start making passive income?

I've created The Rocket Mastermind for YOU.

For nearly 2 years now I've been working with teachers 1:1, in the Rocket business course and in my other courses. People from over 20 countries have come to seek my help and guidance.

And I've noticed certain patterns. There are some people who consume the knowledge, constantly look for tips and hacks but rarely take any action.

And then there's YOU. The ambitious action taker who is ready for the next step. You know how to find the information you need, you learn quickly and you have the constant feeling of wanting to be challenged.

You know that you can achieve more, you just need a bit more of a push and accountability to do it.


Teachers are a specific crowd. In the best kind of way. They have so much potential! And sharing knowledge comes naturally to them. And there's an even more specific group within - the ones who know that they deserve more. More recognition, more money and who are not afraid to take risks to claim that!

And I've created this new container for people like that. I've create it for YOU!


A live group coaching MASTERMIND
for ambitious teachers in business!

Best investment ever!👏🏻

After the Rocket, I was so energized and inspired. I had so many ideas and dreams for what to do next with my business. But i knew myself and I was worried I wouldn’t follow through on them if I was on my own. The Mastermind has been the perfect solution for accountability, support, and community, especially in a job that can be isolating working from home! I know my biz is still a work in progress, but I’ve accomplished so much more with the support of Ola and the MMer’s than I would have in my own. I know my energy is being focused on the right things, I know where I want to go next, and I don’t lose time trying to figure things out on my own when I know I have a team behind me. Best investment ever!👏🏻

Katie K. @englishcustomized


What's The Rocket Mastermind👩‍🚀 all about?

Weekly Mastermind Meetings 

We will meet once a week on Thursday at 10AM UK time for a 90-120 min strategy ZOOM call.

The sessions work like this:

- I fist answer all the pre-submitted questions

- we then share our updates

- later on we mastermind on one area/question that arises or that I have prepared 

Those meetings happen 3x a month.

Fortnightly Office Hours

This new addition to the Mastermind has quickly become the Masterminders' favourite.

Every other week on a Tuesday I organise Office Hours. On those days you have access to me privately in form of audio message coaching via Slack. You can send an unlimited number of messages within the designated hours (9AM-7PM usually) that I try to respond to asap.

Some people ask questions, some people do what I call 'streams of consciousness' but one thing is for sure - everyone leaves Office Hours with renewed energy and ideas on what to do in their business or some fresh mindset shifts!

A carefully selected group of seasoned teachers in business

The power of the Mastermind is in the GROUP. That's why there's an application process before joining the Mastermind. It's not for everybody! It's for ambitious teachers who are ready for the next step! 

I handpick people for the Mastermind because I want to make sure people  who join share similar values, compliment each other and are willing to help others and learn!

On top of the weekly meetings we also have a VERY active Slack channel where you can ask questions, rant, celebrate wins and be part of our awesome community 24/7.

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Taking action

This Mastermind is ALL about taking action - it's not about consuming more knowledge!

I will encourage you to fill out a detailed onboarding form where you will be able to set your goals and assess your situation in business. I will also run weekly progress reviews to keep you accountable. 

The nature of this program is to make you DO THE WORK - you will feel that you're making progress week by week! 

I will also organise regular challenges and GET IT DONE weeks for specific projects (like building your freebie or your new offer)!

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⭐️Additional copywriting support

We have been lucky enough to be joined by the wonderful Lauren @copythat.copy who became our resident copy expert in the Mastermind!

You will have a chance to get feedback on your content, newsletters, website or landing pages monthly and take part in copywriting training sessions once a month as well (during what we call 'copy week').

The copywriting input session happens 1x a month.

The most effective and affordable form of coaching

Let's not pretend that money is not an issue. If you've been thinking about working with me closely, this is the perfect solution, you will be investing less but gaining so much more (the group + all the benefits above!) 

And as you may have heard - I'm actually giving up 1:1 coaching nearly entirely.

I can see a major shift in my thinking and the way I feel about myself as a business owner

"The Rocket Mastermind program has been truly transformational for me. I decided to continue investing in myself and my business because I’d already seen the positive results after the Rocket group program.
Thanks to Ola and the amazing support from the other members, I was able to overcome a huge block in my business. I am now constantly challenged into action and can see a major shift in my thinking and the way I feel about myself as a business owner (and not just as a teacher).
I feel like my business is more sustainable now and has solid foundations."

Bistra M. @englishwithbistra


What's included in the Rocket Mastermind👩‍🚀

1 weekly Mastermind meeting (ongoing)

Main Mastermind meeting: Thursdays 10AM UK time 3x a month

All calls are recorded and available via my online platform as well as a private podcast to listen on the go!

Fortnightly Office Hours

Every other Tuesday you get access to me via audio messages on Slack

This is available from 9AM-7PM UK time and you can send an unlimited number of messages!

Private SLACK channel

Access to our private Mastermind Slack channel, where you can discuss different topics with other Masterminders and ask me ANYTHING nearly 24/7!

A small  and carefully selected group of teachers in business

The group will consist of a maximum of 10-12 people at any given time so that I can give everyone individual attention!

⭐️Copywriting support

Lauren - a new edition to the Mastermind will be your copy coach and support. She will run copywriting training once a month and will be able to give you personalised feedback on your copy monthly as well!

Access to my courses

As a Masterminder  - you have access to most of my courses, trainings and workshops while you're in the Mastermind FOR FREE!

I will also be regularly recording additional training based on the needs of the group!

The Mastermind is the best group programme I've ever been a part of!

The Mastermind is the best group programme I've ever been a part of. It brings me joy every week to work on my business with such a beautiful group of fellow colleagues and of course with you Ola!

Sam D. @midwaylanguagecafe

the UK

What makes the Rocket Mastermind special?👩‍🚀

It's not a course

It's a coaching container designed for teachers who want to and are ready to take action. So while you will be learning new things, you will first and foremost be implementing everything you know already! That also means YOU CAN JOIN ANYTIME and just use the momentum of being in the program to help you get your results!

The group

You will be learning from each other as much as from me. Or even more! Teachers are excellent at making connections - let's use that for our own benefit!

There's nothing else like this out there!

I've checked. There are tons of people who offer Masterminds. But there are no Masterminds for teachers that focus on implementation rather than more hacks, tricks and gimmicks!

I wanted to create a unique experience where I can help more than 1 person at once and where they are helping each other as well and I think I've succeeded!

All the perks of working with me closely

You'll get the behind the scenes of my business, all the insights. It will feel like being part of my family (hope you're ok with this - I get attached quickly haha)

I'm moving away from 1:1 coaching so will be inviting people to join the Mastermind instead and I will be giving my maximum attention to this container!

Literally everything came back multifold!

The Rocket Mastermind program has had a profound impact on my professional life. I've successfully launched new offers and built funnels!
I developed a new mindset and renewed confidence in myself and my business. I've stopped prioritizing other people's needs over my own, and instead, I have learned to put myself and my business first. This shift in mindset has allowed me to trust my instincts and make decisions aligned with my values and goals.
The Rocket Mastermind has been a game changer providing me with the practical tools and the mindset shift I needed to take my business to the next level.

Ola - I cannot express and describe the plethora of changes and shifts I've had since I met you. Literally everything came back multifold! Like boom!❤️

Ania K. @polca.languages


OK, so you're probably wondering
about the money...

3 months


1 x week coaching calls 
every other week access to audio Office Hours
private Slack channel 
copywriting trainings 1x a month
copywriting feedback 
access to most pf the courses in my vault while you're inside the Mastermind
50% don my Power Hours and on my live events and the retreat

You might still be wondering...

How do I know this is for me?

This is a coaching experience for teachers who have had at least 6 months of experience in running their own business and/or who have launched at least one paid offer to the world. This is for those who want more (but at their own pace and in their own capacity!) So if this sounds like you, go ahead and apply. We can also have a chat before you join if you're not sure!

I'm worried that I won't be able to commit.

This is a program for people who know what they are ready to take action. SO if you don't - it's probably best not to apply at the moment.

What if I don't like it?

Highly unlikely!

But if you're worried, don't. You can leave the Mastermind anytime and if you choose to pay in a payment plan - your payments will stop or you will be refunded the amount 'used' proportionally to the length of the program you signed up for.

So if you're really worried - I offer a 14-day money back guarantee. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! You'' just have to email me within 14 days of purchase and I will refund you.

I have more questions

No problem!

Reach out to me using the chat button, via email (at hello@olakowalska.com) or on Instagram (@ola_coaches_teachers)!

I really like the combination of specific content trainings and hot seat type discussions.  Even though it's a group container, the group feels intimate - I think that's because of Ola's leadership skills and community - centred approach. 

Stephanie C. @speakupwithstephanie


Let's do this together!


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