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Say goodbye to marketing overwhelm, Teacher!

Create your own marketing and content plan that finally brings you paying students, not just followers!

Let's be honest. Marketing is not your priority.

You've got your students to teach and lesson plans to create. And besides, nobody's ever explained what you're actually supposed to be doing to get a steady flow of language clients enquiring about your classes and courses. 

So you feel like you're constantly going around in circles. Or maybe like you're stopping and the restarting your your weekly Instagram posting routine. And you may even feel guilty or a bit cringe-y because, well... can you post (and promote your lessons God forbid) after you've abandoned your followers for 2 weeks?!

So now...

Imagine waking up each morning feeling calm, knowing that your marketing efforts are not only effective but also bringing in a steady stream of students and clients. 

You're confidently promoting your language teaching or coaching business, effortlessly standing out from the competition. 

And you have a clear and actionable plan that fits seamlessly into your busy schedule, you can save valuable time and energy, allowing you to focus on what you love most - teaching.

Too good to be true? 


You just haven't yet got...

The Marketing Roadmap🧭

A 2h+ training that will teach you how to create a sustainable and fun marketing game plan in your teaching or coaching business that will help you finally start signing up paying students!

Clarity & relevance for teachers

Learn how marketing works and how to actually apply its principles to a language teaching business (because even if you know the rules, our field is quite specific!)


Find out what 3 areas of marketing you should be focusing on and prioritising consistently to see a steady flow of students coming to you

Your future-proof plan

Learn how to make a marketing plan and how to fit your marketing into your busy schedule so you feel more in control while making sure your business is growing

YOU and YOUR marketing

Make a plan that takes into account your strengths, preferences and what actually works so you no longer have to worry about what to do every day and just implement effortlessly

The Marketing Roadmap🧭

All the deets


You get immediate access to the value-packed 2h+ recording of this training that I ran in December 2023.

What's included?

📹 access to the juicy training video and Q&A

📒 interactive planning workbook

👭 an invite to my exclusive client-only Facebook group where you can ask questions, get live support from me and network with other entrepreneurial teachers!

Here's what people said about my workshops:

Kari Dirstein


This was an AMAZING workshop that I replayed many times over because it's just THAT chock-full of value!

I've been making some big changes in my business lately, one of which being narrowing in on a new target audience within my already existing, bigger one. After this workshop, I knew that running a workshop of my own was the next step. This training took a lot of the fear and burnout out of putting together a new offer for my audience, and not only did my workshop go more smoothly than ANY of my previous ones, but I now have the proof of concept I was struggling to find to move forward and focus in on my new target audience (and get paid for it at the same time 😉)

Thank you Ola 🙂

Asia Fendrychova

English and mindfulness teacher, Czechia

Ola is the most authentic teacher coach I have ever come across🤗. She not only has great knowledge about the perks and challenges of what it means to be a freelance language teacher, she is also able to tailor her advice to the specific needs of each individual. I love her enthusiasm and approach to sales. How she goes about her own business is very inspirational for me and I would recommend her services to any teacher who needs a confidence boost and advice on how to take their business to a higher level!💜

Hey, I'm Ola!

Do you know what I love the most? Seeing lightbulbs going off for teachers that I work with on their businesses and marketing. 

I've been doing that for nearly 3 years now and have helped nearly 500 people sell their teaching and coaching services more effectively by creating better offers, charging decent prices and creating marketing strategies that are not only effective, but fit into their busy teaching schedules. 

Because I know - teaching is the most important thing for you. So my job is to make the marketing stuff as easy and fun as possible for you so you don't have to worry about it!

And that's exactly what this training is about!

You might be wondering...

How do I know if this is for me?

If you're a language teacher or coach and you've been feeling under pressure when it comes to your marketing, not knowing what to do and how to actually balance teaching and promoting your business then this training will be PERFECT for you.

Will you help me convert my existing followers into paying students?

In short - yes! This training is a roadmap of what to do for best results and that includes marketing with one goal in mind - you selling out your lessons and courses. So if you already have a bunch of followers on any social media platform but they are not buying your stuff or they're only interested in buying cheap stuff, this will also be great for you.

What if I don't like it?

I don't normally offer refunds as the course comes with the invite to my private community so I'd rather avoid the awkwardness of having to remove someone from it. So if you're not sure, feel free to ask me any questions before your purchase.

Can I have an invoice?

Absolutely! Just fill out all the fields when making the purchase and an invoice will automatically be sent to you!

What if I have questions?

No problem! You will get an invite to my private client-only Facebook group where you can ask me or the other participants as many questions as you want. Plus you will be getting invited to regular free events, Q&As and have a chance to network and collaborate with a bunch of amazing people!

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