The only business coaching program for ambitious language school owners ready to accelerate their success

Say goodbye to stressful days and seasonal sales. Let’s turn your language school into a sustainable business that you love to work in all year round.

You’re a language school owner. But looking at your schedule, we would never know.

One minute you’re reviewing your annual budget. The next you’re teaching the conditional tense.

You’re wearing so many hats it’s hard to make space for them all. Let alone find the energy to pursue your new ideas!

Running a language school can feel stressful, overwhelming and super lonely at times. But I promise that it gets easier when you know what to prioritise.

If you:

Spend more time putting out fires than fuelling growth 
Because although you have a team, you still end up taking on most of the day-to-day tasks, even though you don’t have time for it all (or enjoy them)! 
Feel unsure about all the businessy stuff
You know you can serve your clients better your way. But things like pricing, creating great offers, and marketing all feel super confusing and unclear, which slows you down.
Worry about surviving the dreaded summer months
Term times are no problem but summer? That’s a different story… you feel like the only person in the world who dreads August (but trust me when I say, you’re not)!
Feel lonely in growing your language school
There’s tons of support out there for teachers. But what about school owners?! Your journey is unique and you deserve to share your worries and celebrate your wins with people who get it.

Then, my dear language nerd, you are in the right place.

It’s time to promote yourself from ‘head teacher’ to ‘CEO’

Because you may be an educator at heart and you may have started your school out of passion (which I love!)… but that isn’t enough to make a profit.

If you want to build the sustainable, satisfying and thriving language hub you dream of, you need to step out of the classroom and into your business owner boots.

Only then will you be able to stop putting out fires and:

Enjoy more time for your business (and you)
Time to focus on marketing, experiment with new offers, organise events and spend with the people you love because you’ve got a dedicated team there to support you.
Stand out as THE go-to school in your area or market
When you lean into what makes you special, it will be much easier to run a thriving school where people love to study. And that makes a meaningful impact on your community.
Feel clear and confident as a school owner
No more worries and doubts about running a business. With your marketing systems and strategies in place, you’ll know exactly what to focus on to bring your vision to life.
Create lifelong connections with people like you
There’s nothing quite like having a supportive network of business besties to celebrate your wins, share advice, listen to your rants and make this journey feel less lonely!

You deserve to run a school that fills your bank account AND your heart

And it absolutely shouldn’t come at the cost of your time, relationships, confidence or sanity.



An intimate, supportive 6-month coaching program for language school owners who want to build businesses that stand out, make an impact and generate profit all year round - while connecting with like-minded people.

Only 6 spots available!

“I started as a teacher who saw the inefficient ways that corporate language schools were doing things and I knew I could better serve clients/students if I did it my way. Ola helped me figure out the school’s niche, encouraged me to build a reliable team with a cohesive vision for how we work within the school, and transitioned me from “head teacher” to “language school CEO”. I loved the materials she provided to help me develop my pricing, marketing plan, and so many random, cool things that I wanted to do, but never had the time or energy to do properly.”

Stephanie Cohen

Speak up with Stephanie, Czech Republic

Learn from someone who actually knows the language world

Let’s be honest: our industry is specific. That’s why this program is especially designed to fit your schedule, your business type and your goals. No sleazy business bro BS here.

Here’s what you get:

1:1 kick off call

Before we start, we will set personal goals and objectives for what you want to achieve during the program on a private call.

Weekly group coaching calls

We will meet online every Wednesday at 2:30pm (UK) to tackle one real-life problem of running a school and find a solution for you.

Monthly office hours

From handling pesky parents to creating a marketing plan, you can ask me anything in our private Slack channel.

Group Slack channel

You might be surprised to hear this but other school owners can be your biggest assets and supporters. This is a safe space where you can get advice, rant, brainstorm ideas and get inspired by people who are doing the same thing as you (in other markets, don’t worry).

Personal progress tracker

To keep you motivated and accountable (even when you’re busy), you will get a personal progress tracker that you update regularly so you can keep track of your progress and consistently work towards the goals that we set at the start of the program.

All your business & marketing problems, solved

We follow monthly themes that focus on specific areas that are most challenging about running a language school. We will break them down in our weekly calls, where you will get practical answers to questions you didn’t even know you had!

MONTH 1: Your CEO identity

Still teaching in your school? Hmm… let’s change that. We will start by exploring what you need to do to create the time and energy to focus on all the cool businessy things that propel you forwards!

We will work on:

Developing your CEO identity
Overcoming your mindset gremlins
Moving away from teaching in your school

MONTH 2: Standing out as a school

Worried that you're just another school in your town or online? Not anymore. We will figure out what makes you unique and communicate that so new clients come begging to sign up for your courses.

We will work on:

Defining your ideal client persona
Creating offers these people (actually) want
Distilling & communicating your unique selling point

MONTH 3: Managing like a pro

Your teachers are the backbone of your school’s success, so it’s crucial you hire people you can count on. Our management month will cover everything from hiring a reliable team to setting and maintaining high standards.

We will work on:

Figuring out which team members you need
Standardising your hiring process
Creating a plan for quality control

MONTH 4: Creating smooth systems

Your time is precious. You shouldn’t waste it on mundane tasks like invoicing, client communication, recruitment, class lists, calendars, and so on. This is when we choose which systems you need to eliminate stress and run your school smoothly and efficiently.

We will work on:

Automating processes to free up your time
Learning how to use key systems (without tech headaches)
Standardising processes across the entire team

MONTH 5: Marketing & sales

If your business is an engine, new clients are its fuel! In month 5, we will dig deep into your marketing and sales activities and develop sustainable strategies that give you more visibility and conversions and grow your community with ease.

We will work on:

Creating a marketing plan
Planning a marketing funnel
Developing your sales skills (or how to train your team!)

MONTH 6: Planning your finances

If you’re avoiding tracking income or feeling ashamed of your numbers, that stops now. We will work on your money mindset, set goals, plan your budget, review your prices and implement transparent tracking systems that put you fully in control. No fear or judgement allowed.

We will work on:

Setting realistic (and exciting) income goals
Creating easy systems to track your income
Developing a positive money mindset

PLUS!! Some extra fuel to skyrocket your school’s success:

3 LIVE marketing sessions

In a muddle with marketing your school? Lauren Martin (copywriter & former school marketing manager) is here to help with 3 marketing training sessions to help you do anything from finding your USP to getting found on Google.

How to make friends with your ‘competition’

Dare I say that your BEST business cheerleaders can be other language school owners? Yep, I said it. This bonus is your secret weapon for developing a supportive industry network that increases your visibility and speeds up your success.

“I joined Ola’s Limitless group because honestly, there was nothing out there specific to language school owners. I wanted a space where I completely felt understood as a woman business owner and to help me accelerate in my business. I always knew that I had more to offer, and Ola is really helping me see my potential and that’s limitless.”

Nereyda Valle

Express Yourself English Academy, Spain

Warning: this is a competition FREE zone!!

To create a safe, judgement-free space, where you feel completely comfortable sharing, I will ONLY accept one school owner from a particular niche or market. So, you can rest assured that no one will be stepping on anyone’s toes (or pulling anyone’s hair)!

This is collaborative group coaching you will love being a part of

Here’s how to start:

Apply to join

This is an intimate container where I choose participants carefully for each round. So, you will need to start by applying.

Jump on a call

We will have a call to answer any questions and see if we’re a good fit. If we are, you’ll then pay to confirm your spot!

Blast off your school!

You’ll join Slack, meet the rest of the group and finally make space in your busy schedule to work on your business. Yay!

You’re probably wondering about the investment?

Here are all the details:

Payment plan

1:1 kick-off call
6 months of coaching (weekly calls)
Monthly Office Hours day
Private Slack community channel
Progress tracker

 6 x £750

Pay in full

1:1 kick-off call
6 months of coaching (weekly calls)
Monthly Office Hours day
Private Slack community channel
Progress tracker


Only 6 spots available!

By the end of Limitless, you could:

Have new revenue streams that work all year round
Be supported by a reliable, dedicated team
Stop teaching and focus on growing the business
Feel more confident and in control as a CEO
Have a network of supportive school owners
Enjoy more time to spend with your family

I want to help you achieve all of that (and more!)

Hey, I'm Ola!

And I taught in language schools, managed a language school and then owned a language school (that made profit in its first year). So, I know a thing or two about them.

I also know a thing or two about you - the passionate teacher turned ambitious school CEO who is trying to juggle fulfilling your mission with making money.

All the businessy stuff may feel a bit unnatural (or bro-y) right now. But I’m on a mission to help you create sustainable strategies that align with your vision and help you create a school you (and your team) love to work in.

If my experience taught me anything, it’s that…

You cannot grow your language school in a few hours per week.

If you are still teaching… 
If you are working until 9pm…
If your inbox is full of unanswered emails…
And your head is full of cool ideas you never have time to do…

Then you need Limitless more than ever.

The first step to growing a successful language school is freeing up time and energy. Let’s make the space you need to stop stressing over the details and look at the bigger picture.

“Being a language school owner can be a lonely road with a very limited number of people who can understand the dual sides of running a language school–the passionate mission side and the businessy logistics side. Thankfully Ola is that exact person and was able to walk me through all of the wants and doubts that have been going through my head since I opened my school.”


Speak up with Stephanie, Czech Republic

Payment plan

1:1 kick-off call
6 months of coaching (weekly calls)
Monthly Office Hours day
Private Slack community channel
Progress tracker

 6 x £750

Pay in full

1:1 kick-off call
6 months of coaching (weekly calls)
Monthly Office Hours day
Private Slack community channel
Progress tracker


Only 6 spots available!

“I joined Limitless because my first five years in business had been extremely lonely. It was hard for me to move from a teacher mindset to that of a CEO but Ola has given me the freedom - and even the permission - to step into my new role and do it my way. I already know that the future of my academy is limitless.”


Study Sulmona, Italy

You need Limitless if...

You own a brick-and-mortar or online language school that employs staff, but you’re still teaching.
You have a never-ending list of tasks that stretch from lesson planning… to financial planning.
You are ready to make a positive change in your business to free up time and grow.
You are looking for a friendly community of people who get your struggles and actually support (not steal from) you!

You don't need Limitless if...

Your language school is already running smoothly and you don’t need support with business, marketing, sales and everything in between.
You are not prepared to commit fully to making big changes in your school and stepping into your role as a leader.
You are not willing to exchange ideas with other language school owners (this is a super collaborative, friendly, non-competitive program!).

*check out all my Rocket programs for teacher here

Still not sure? Send me a message on my chat box below or DM me on Instagram
and I will help you decide if this is right for you.

Being a language school owner doesn’t have to feel so lonely.

When I started my school, I spent way too much time and way too much money investing in courses that didn't bring results or the advice I wanted because, well… the language world is specific. 

We language nerds aren’t like other business owners. We need support from people who know that we don’t speak in business acronyms or see our clients as numbers (ugh!).

Maybe you have been burned by a mentor before. Or maybe you are looking for a coach for the first time. Either way, I’ve purposefully created Limitless to show you how to build your school your way.

You're probably wondering...

Will you accept people I consider to be competitors?

No!! Everyone must apply to join, so I will only accept school owners who are not serving the same audience or in the same location (town or city, not country).

Is my language school the right size for this program?

If you have a small-medium sized school with some staff, then you are probably a great fit for this program. Not sure? Complete the application form to tell me about your business, and I will tell you honestly if this is right for you.

What if I can’t make the live calls?

The calls will be happening on Wednesdays at 2:30pm UK/3:30pm CET. They will be recorded and shared with you, so not to worry if you can’t make all of them. You will have the chance to ask follow up questions on Slack.

Will I have to dedicate tons of time to this?

You will get out what you put in. The whole purpose of Limitless is to help you create the space to focus on developing your business, so I recommend making a few hours per week to join (or watch) the calls and take action.

Many of the school owners I’ve worked with before actually said this commitment forced them to find time, which helped them make massive progress.

Can you guarantee results?

Nope. In the same way that you cannot guarantee results to your students, I can’t promise that you will make a certain amount of money or sales (honestly, anyone who does is bullshitting you). Your results totally depend on how much work you put in. BUT! I am here to give you regular nudges to take action every step of the way.

Is this a course?

Limitless is a coaching program that helps language school owners find practical solutions to real-life business problems. It is not a course. Let’s be honest: you probably don’t even have time for that. The calls will be structured so you will learn things, but it’s more about taking action than learning.

Let’s create a school that runs like a well-oiled machine all year round

Your school year might be seasonal but that doesn’t mean your sales should be. With a proper plan, a reliable team, smooth systems and an amazing offer mix, you can continue to welcome new clients even when your phone is off and you’re sitting on the beach in Barcelona.

Because, yes, you WILL be able to take real breaks by then.


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