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Yipee! You've signed up to the Language course worth gold challenge waitlist!

This means that you'll be the first one to find out when I'm running it again!

While you're waiting....

This course is PERFECT for a teacher who is either only just starting their freelancing journey or is wanting to build a steady stream of high-paying 1:1 students without spending hours creating social media content.

And! As a Rocket Take Off alumni, I will give you £197 off on the Rocket Accelerator when you decide to join. Sounds good? Check it out here!

Listen to my podcast!

My podcast is my favourite channel. I share my thoughts and advice for teachers there very generously. You can find it here or by searching 'Get richer, teacher' wherever you get your podcasts.

One of my favourite episodes is this one - it talks about how to actually get richer (in money, impact and freedom) as a teacher.

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