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Learn to create a profitable language group course
your perfect students will be desperate to buy in 4 short days.

The online language learning world is changing fast.
Are you ready?

These days, students have more choices on how to learn a language than EVER before. They are flooded with apps, schools, teachers and even AI tutors (🙄), most of which promise similar results for massively different prices.

As a result, it’s becoming harder and harder to sell traditional group classes. After all, when everyone (and every robot) promises to take a student to B2 level, why SHOULD they choose you?

In this FREE 4-day challenge, I’m showing you EXACTLY how to answer that question.

Join me LIVE to learn how to create and sell a profitable group language course your ideal students can’t resist

(aka the backbone of your sustainable, scalable and enjoyable teaching business.)

DISCOVER your brilliant course idea (that you’re excited about) and learn how to check if it’s what people actually need, want and will invest in
PLAN your perfect profitable language group course that delivers results for you AND your students
Learn how to SELL your new offer effectively and easily without feeling like you have to convince people to join


Here’s what you’ll learn during the challenge

We will meet daily in a challenge Facebook group for LIVE workshops. Each day you will have a task to complete to push you to take action, so by the end of the week you will feel confident about what steps to take next.

DAY 1: Why traditional group language classes don't sell well (23/10 10 AM UK/ 11AM CET)

First, we will talk about WHY grouping students together to reach a specific level isn’t the most effective way to package your offer anymore. You’ll discover why people have so many objections to joining your groups and why this makes it harder to sell your services.

You’ll leave with CONFIDENCE that it’s not your fault if your groups aren’t selling.

DAY 2: The alternative approach - a profitable language group course (24/10 10 AM UK/ 11AM CET)

Now that you know what types of language courses don’t work, we will explore what DOES! This session will teach you everything you need to know about planning, building and positioning a super sellable course that your ideal students will be jumping to invest in.

You’ll leave feeling EMPOWERED to turn your expertise into language course gold.

DAY 3: Let’s plan your course (25/10 10 AM UK/ 11AM CET)

On day 3, I’m putting my teacher trainer and course creator hat on and guiding you through the exact steps to planning your course using the spreadsheet I use to plan my courses. Together, we will start creating the actual CONTENT you will teach so that people complete it AND it delivers results.

The best part? If you submit your course outline after the session, I will give you personalised feedback on it. This part really shouldn’t be free.

Leave with CLARITY over what steps to take to build an irresistible offer.

MASTERCLASS: How to sell your course (26/10 7PM UK/ 8PM CET)

For the final day, we will move from Facebook to Zoom to talk all about SELLING. I will teach you how to check if there is demand for your offer, how to package it to deliver results, how to plan a marketing campaign and how to turn it into an evergreen program that you can sell on repeat! Yep, still all for free.

At the end of the final session, I will also share the details of the next steps you can take to blast your offer into the sky and enjoy 6 whole months of support from me as you create and launch your brand new offer! 🤩

In case we haven’t formally met yet… HELLO!

I’m Ola, and I help language teachers build sustainable, profitable businesses that allow them to teach the language on their own terms.
As a former teacher, teacher trainer and language school owner, I understand what it feels like to struggle in our profession. But as a business coach who’s helped hundreds of teachers take control of their own fate and thrive in their profession, I also know that there IS a way to make it work - and it starts here.

I’m pouring my teacher heart and soul into this free challenge to show you that, no matter what language you teach, you can make it a full-blown, sustainable and profitable business that creates the happiness and balance you deserve.
So, whether you want to remodel your existing group offers or create one for the first time, I can’t wait to share my step-by-step process to help you scale your business.

You might be wondering...

When is the challenge taking place?

The challenge starts on Monday 23rd October and finishes on Thursday 26th. You will have until 30th October to finish the tasks and submit them to me for feedback.

What if I can’t make it to the live sessions?

No problem. The recording will be available in the Facebook group as soon as the live session ends each day. You will have access to the video replays until 5th November 2023.

Can I ask questions during the challenge?

Of course!! You will have the chance to ask questions during every live session and post them in the Facebook group in between. Nothing is off limits!

Do I have to complete the tasks to join?

No. The tasks aren’t compulsory. But the ONLY way to see results is to take action, which is why I am including them. If you complete them, you will also get my personal feedback on your work. It’s your chance to get totally free coaching, so don’t pass it up!

Ready to take the first step to building a sustainable teaching business?

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