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Are you ready to heal your relationship with money
& make more as a language teacher or coach?

Let's get you richer, teacher!

It is an eye- and soul-opening course

I realised where my fears came from. I reflected on my relationship with money, the memories and all the limiting beliefs I had. It made me notice that I can't be good with something that makes me feel bad. And it's not like I hate money or wealthy people. I actually love it, but (referring to the romantic relationship episode) I realised I was pushing it away, because of deeply rooted fears and beliefs. Now I know what I have to work on in order to earn more and allow myself to finally feel satisfied. It is an eye- and soul-opening course.

Weronika Nowak


Have you ever thought any of these?

I'm not being paid a lot but at least I like my job...
Education is not for making money, I knew what I signed up for...
I'd really like to raise the price of my lessons but I'm afraid people will leave 
I can't charge *that* much - I'm not a native speaker/I don't have enough experience/I don't have enough qualifications
I want my classes to be accessible, people can't afford much in my town/country
I'm going to give them a discount so they will easily sign up

And many other thoughts that are exactly that... just thoughts. They are not facts, they are not true or untrue, they are just things that float in your mind. What's tricky about that is that they probably started making you take action (or not take action) because you started believing them to be true. 

And this is why we call those thoughts 'limiting beliefs' They have been limiting you. They made you create stories about yourself, your role, the society's expectations of you... And they have been there for so long that they seem like part of you - they seem like nothing else could be true because you never even considered that as a possibility.

But what if I told you that it's those pesky limiting beliefs that are to blame for your financial struggles? What if you could rewrite your own narrative around being an educator and making money? What if you could shift the beliefs that limit you into the ones that serve you? What if this was the *actual* way to...

Get richer, Teacher!

My money mindset audio course will help you do exactly that:

audit your current situation and recognise your own money limiting beliefs
learn how to change the stories that you've been telling yourself around your capacity to make money (notice that I never even mention other people! It's not what they 'can or can't afford' - it's what you've got the capacity to receive!)
learn 5 powerful ways to change your relationship with money
set some tangible financial goals and learn ways to keep working on them
set some new powerful financial and money mindset habits that will keep you motivated
and most importantly: open yourself up for more abundance in your life and business! 

I recommend it to all teacherpreneurs as a moment of check-in and reflection to identify what's stopping us from growing our business the way we dream of

At first, I didn't think that "money mindset" was something I had trouble with. But I love to learn, so I wanted to see what it was about.

So far, this course is so much more than that. The reflections in the workbook are sparking ideas in me that I didn't realize I was holding onto. I'm realizing a lot about myself and my business, and this is bringing important things to the surface. It's giving me direction that I didn't realize I was missing. It feels more like a personalized life / business inventory and reflection.

I still have some modules to do, but the content looks like a great combination of reflection, new information, and practical action taking. And the audio course is so digestible and easy to access! I recommend it to all teacher-preneurs as a moment of check-in and reflection to identify what's stopping us (whether we realize it or not) from growing our business the way we dream of!

Katie Kujawski


Hi, I'm Ola!

I'm your peer - a teacher, teacher trainer, a non-native speaker of English (and currently a business coach for teachers). I've been through all of what you're going through (tbh - I still am!) I have doubted myself, worried that I didn't deserve to be paid what I wanted to be paid, that I would never make decent money in this industry. 

Yet, when I looked inwards rather than outwards and shifting my own limiting beliefs, things have started to change. I now make about 5 times as much as I ever did despite my mind telling me I'm not good enough. I do the mindset work daily and make sure my relationship with money stays my top priority. As a hyper-practical person I never believed in 'woo-woo' but when I started seeing that it works, I just had to give in and admit that there's something in it!

My advice for people who are still in doubt - just try it! Getting richer is a bit like dieting and trying to lose weight. You can diet all life long but it's what you think of yourself and your body image that need to change and will guarantee the lasting change. The same with making money - I can teach you all sorts of tricks and hacks to make more money (which I totally intend to do btw!) but until you've healed your relationship with money, they will only have some limiting effect.

I've realized that my relationship with money doesn't have to remain a negative one

There are practical steps I can take to improve our relationship, and I can finally start freeing myself of the limiting beliefs that I've allowed to plague me for years.

I absolutely loved the workbook! I liked that after each episode, I had the time to reflect on what Ola had to say, and I had the space to write down my own thoughts on each topic.



Get her course because it will transform your life like Henry Ford's car transformed 20th century!😁

Once upon a time I was told to rely on my spouse because education should be a passion not an income. For many years I've followed the path of nurturing and being a people pleaser, then I decided to put my foot down and I started working with Ola. My world has transformed. 

Recently I had the pleasure of listening to her Get Richer Teacher audio course on money mindset. I wish all teachers tuned in to Get Richer Teacher course. Money matters & teachers should learn how to set their money boundaries & break the spell of not caring or not being for the money. Charity begins at home & if we want to help others we should help ourselves first. 

So, take the first step, whether big for you , and not that huge for humanity & get her course because it will transform your life like Henry Ford's car transformed 20th century and industrial revolution shaped the world we live in.



Get richer, Teacher!

A money mindset audio course and interactive workbook for educators wanting to improve their relationship with money and open themselves up for more abundance

What you're getting:

immediate & lifetime access to the audio course and its 11+ lessons that you can listen to in your favourite podcast app (plus any updates I decide to add at no extra charge!)
a useful interactive workbook so it's easier for you to process what you've learned and plan your own long-term money mindset metamorphosis 
exclusive access to my client-only Facebook group 'Richer teachers' where you can get live support and  network with other freelance teachers!

You might be wondering...

How do I know if this is for me?

Are you an independent teacher? Do you feel like your money making capacity is limited? Do you find yourself worrying about money, having lots of pricing worries or thinking that you have to work harder to make more money? Then I think you're going to find it useful (at the very least) if not absolutely ground-breaking!

Do I get access to live support/Can I ask questions?

The course is in an audio form so there are NO live meetings while you go through it. You can do it in your own time and at your own pace!

But I do appreciate that you may need/want to ask additional questions - that's why I have my private group 'Richer Teachers' (for clients only). You can put your questions there and me and other members will help straight away! I also organise regular LIVE training sessions inside the group so you're in for a treat!

How long do I have access to the course for?

Foreverrrr! I personally hate it when you buy something and lose access after some time so I make sure that whatever you buy from me - you can keep it

Not only that - you also get access  to any updates I add to it AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Can I have an invoice?

Absolutely! Just fill out all the fields when making the purchase and an invoice will automatically be sent to you!

What if I have more questions?

No problem! Don't hesitate to ask me anything using the chat window on my website (the little pink heart in the bottom right corner of the page). I'm happy to help!

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