5 Reasons Why General Business Courses Don’t Work

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If I had a penny for every time a teacher contacted me after taking a general business course they didn’t learn much from, I would be lying on a beach in Italy right now. 

Jokes aside, this is a BIG problem in the online business world. Literally everyone has a course that will supposedly change your life in ways you can only dream of right now. 

But the reality is that very few coaches actually understand the language world. So, these courses often end up being a bit of an expensive disappointment. 

In order to save you the frustration (and expense) of taking a course you don’t need, I’ve put together a few main reasons that general business courses don’t work for language teachers – and what you might want to consider instead.

Here goes!

1. Generic courses mean generic advice 

It’s literally impossible for general business coaches to give specific advice to people in lots of different industries. Sure, they may have some knowledge of certain areas. But what usually happens is that their course teaches concepts that apply to everyone. 

As a result, they share quite surface level advice. And if you’ve already learnt the basics of marketing and sales before taking the course, you may already know a lot of it. 

The best business courses are less focused on giving you MORE knowledge and more about taking action. After all, that’s the only way you can ever see build a profitable language business.

2. Business coaches aren’t language course experts 

… Except for a small handful of us. 😉

Before you can promote your course, you need to make sure it’s good – from both an educational AND sales point of view. Whether you are confident in how to structure a curriculum or not, getting expert feedback on the content is invaluable. Because even the best teachers have blind spots!

That’s where most generic business courses fall short. The coach may have successfully created and sold their own program, but does that mean they know what makes a good language course? Nope. I’m afraid not. 

Business may be a new skill for you, but it’s not separate from your profession. So, it’s better not to treat them as two different things.

3. Pricing strategies can be totally different 

As much as I absolutely believe that language teachers can earn good money, the truth is that our industry is just not like others. At least not right now. 

While mindset and manifestation experts can charge several thousands for a course and still sell out, we both know that this kind of money will make language students’ eyeballs fall out. 

That’s not to say you should price according to what your students say. But should you really listen to someone who has no experience with buying or selling language courses? Probably not. 

What you really need is to find the sweet spot between pricing your course so that it attracts the right students and gives you a good income. Because yes, it exists. 

4. General coaches’ goals are different from yours

Speaking of pricing, there seems to be this big push in the online coaching world for people to do less and earn more. Usually by creating passive income streams. 

I think there’s a lot to be said for this, and it’s a good part of a healthy business plan. BUT! What this strategy ignores is that so many teachers do what they do because they love it! 

I believe that success comes when you build a business in the way it suits you. If that involves big passive income streams then great! If not, then you should work with someone who can help you find more sustainable ways of teaching so you can make good money without burning out. 

5. Sales techniques that don’t work for you

Almost every teacher I know has one big fear: being salesy. Do you fear that too? I get it! Although we want to convince people to join our courses, we only want to do so in a way that makes them (and us) feel good. 

However, many generic business courses teach standard sales techniques (like cold outreach) that you and I may find pushy. 

Some teachers I’ve worked with have even felt nudged to try things that make them feel uncomfortable simply because no one has shown them another way. 

But there IS another way! 

And this is actually a HUUUGE part of my business course, the Rocket Accelerator. It’s where I teach you how to sell in a way that’s authentic, transparent and 100% compatible with teachers. (Yes, really)

What makes the Rocket Accelerator different from other business courses?

I always say to my clients that the things I teach are nothing you can’t find on Google. The magic – the thing they pay for – is how I teach business in a language world context. 

My many years in the industry mean I can help you with very specific areas of building your business. Whether that’s helping you find the best niche, choose your teaching business model, or decide if you should take a teaching course like DELTA.

That’s the kind of knowledge general business coaches cannot offer. And it’s also the kind of knowledge that allows you to find strategies that actually WORK and move the needle in your business. 

So, sure, a general business course can teach you the basics of sales and marketing. But can it help you understand the mindset of your students, create a solid course curriculum and make good money in a way that feels right for you? NOPE. 
That’s the gap the Rocket Accelerator fills. And I’m excited to say that it’s opening again soon for you to join! 😁