Episode 94 7 mistakes freelance teachers make

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In this podcast episode, I address seven common mistakes made by freelance language teachers. These mistakes include undercharging for services, neglecting marketing efforts, failing to diversify income, struggling with time management, lacking boundaries, and disregarding self-care. I emphasises the importance of recognising the value of one’s services, being proactive in marketing, exploring different income streams, managing time effectively, setting boundaries with clients, and prioritising personal well-being.


Timestamped overview:

[00:00] In this podcast episode, the host discusses the importance of giving and receiving feedback and apologizes in advance if they come across as too blunt.
[01:08] The first mistake freelance teachers make is undercharging for their services and not recognizing the value they bring beyond just language expertise.
[03:08] Neglecting marketing efforts and being passive about finding students is another common mistake made by teachers.
[05:32] Diversifying income is crucial for freelance teachers to move beyond survival mode and explore passive income streams.
[07:20] Teachers often struggle with time management and need to prioritize their needs and find students who can accommodate their preferred teaching schedule.
[09:59] Teachers should not underestimate the time required for business activities and need to make time for marketing and other business-related tasks.
[11:20] Setting boundaries with students and clients is essential for sustainable teaching and business practices.
[13:16] Teachers often overlook their own well-being and sacrifice themselves for others, but it is important to prioritize self-care and set a good example.
[15:46] The host encourages teachers to reflect on these mistakes, make small changes, and start the process of improving their teaching and business practices.


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