Episode 92 How not to come across as pushy when selling

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This episode emphasises the need for language teachers to avoid being pushy or manipulative when selling their services. It highlights the outdated marketing techniques still being used and the importance of understanding the concerns and struggles of potential customers. Building authentic connections and creating educational content that addresses those concerns is recommended. It also encourages teachers to focus on their target audience and create offers that are a right fit for them, rather than just teaching language skills. By understanding their audience and their problems, teachers can sell their services more effectively and enjoy a sustainable and fulfilling business.

The book mentioned in the episode is called Influence by Robert Cialdini.


Timestamped overview:

[0:00] In this episode, the focus is on not being pushy or salesy when selling teaching services and courses.
[0:34] Many big brands have poor marketing and sales techniques that are outdated and ineffective.
[1:16] The book Influence by a researcher describes emotional triggers in purchasing decisions, but marketers have used this information for their benefit.
[2:15] Understand your audience’s concerns and struggles, which go beyond just language-related issues.
[3:30] Building authentic connections with your audience helps you understand their struggles and concerns.
[4:30] Avoid teaching via content and focus on creating educational content that solves people’s problems related to language.
[6:00] Teachers often nurture relationships with other teachers, but need to focus on understanding their target audience.
[7:00] Understand who you’re trying to help and what their problems are to create the right offer for them.
[8:30] Selling becomes easier when the marketing and messaging are aligned with your audience’s needs.
[10:00] Nurture relationships with your audience by offering free content with an end goal of profitability.
[11:30] Creating a profitable business allows for more freedom to experiment and enjoy teaching.
[12:30] Selling should not be about pushing or manipulating people, but about helping and understanding your audience.


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