Episode 90 How to build a personal teaching brand

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In this episode we’re talking about building a teacher personal brand:

  • While language skills are crucial, they shouldn’t be the sole determinant of success. Showcase your broader understanding of what it takes to become a fluent speaker – don’t build your brand solely on your language expertise
  • Embracing authenticity: Standing out from the crowd by showing up online as your genuine self. Let your personality shine through and infuse it into every aspect of your brand, from visual elements like colours to the choice of fonts. Authenticity attracts an engaged audience.
  • Considering your target audience: Building an effective brand requires a good relationship with your customers. Identify your target audience and develop a deep understanding of their needs and desires. Create content that entertains, engages, and aligns with your values.

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Timestamped overview:

[00:03:36] Start by analyzing yourself, find your passion. The Big Leap is a helpful book. Brands should be unique and reflect you. Consider using a SWOT analysis.

[00:05:26] Consider writing, leverage opportunities, minimise weaknesses.

[00:07:49] Colours and fonts represent me perfectly. Branding and customer relationships are crucial. Target audience matters.

[00:13:33] Teacher’s focus on language limits success.

[00:14:50] Building a brand means more than language. Becoming an influencer attracts brands and money.


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