Episode 9: Give it a go and don’t worry about what people will think – chatting with Jo Gakonga

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Just DO the thing!

People will always have opinions about what you do. But that’s none of your business! Just do your thing, try that idea and see how it feels afterwards. 

I had a fantastic chat with Jo Gakonga – a teacher trainer, CELTA tutor, Cambridge assessor, University lecturer, and online teacher trainer and entrepreneur. She hosts a YouTube channel and her own website with professional development courses for teachers of English as a foreign language. She is a living example of the fact that you can and should try things out, as most people will likely LOVE them.

Jo has had a fantastic journey in the ELT world. Most recently, she quit her Uni job to go on a road trip around Europe. She told me she wanted to try out making short videos for Instagram about her digital nomad life, and SHE IS! Check them out on her profile @elttraining – lots of fun and bits of wisdom from Jo’s travels.

But most importantly, Jo proves to us that ideas are only helpful when you act on them. She has created a community of engaged fans online because she provides value and is not afraid to try new things out (including new higher prices)!

Listen to this inspiring episode to get your dose of inspiration, ideas, and a positive kick up your bottom to stand up and give a go to whatever it is you’re thinking of doing!

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Now, it’s time to go get richer, teacher!