Episode 72: Do you actually need ‘The Rocket’?

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An honest overview of what my signature course ‘The Rocket’ is, how it can benefit you, who it is for and who it is not for.

If you consider joining now or in the future – give it a listen!

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Podcast transcription

Hey and welcome to The Get Richer Teacher Podcast. My name is Ola and I’ll be your guide and mentor on your way to realizing your potential as an educator. If the title of the podcast is triggering, that’s even better, because that means that I still have some work to do. My mission is to help teachers work independently and believe that they deserve more freedom and more money. 

As a teacher, you were allowed to work with your perfect students, rather than some random people, challenging how much you charge and asking why so much. If you’re ready to become a richer teacher, build and scale an independent teaching business that can support your dreams and your lifestyle, then you’re in the right place. 

The world knows that teachers are superheroes, let’s get paid what we’re worth, shall we? 

Hello, hello, we meet again and today in a very atypical episode, because I’ll be selling like crazy. Now, I’m joking. So, as you’ve noticed, in the topic of the episode, I’m going to be talking to you about whether you actually need The Rocket – my business course for teachers. So, you may have already read the sales page, you may have been to my multiple webinars or challenges, you may have been in my orbit for a while or maybe you’ve only just found out about me and found out about The Rocket… And you’re curious, and it’s like, you know, you maybe one of those people who’s like: “I need to have all the facts before I make a decision” or maybe you’re just curious what I’ve got to say about my own product. So, I actually won’t be selling anything to you, I just want to literally share the factual information with you. Is that a thing of factual information with you on what The Rocket is? So, you can make an informed decision, because that is literally what I believe in the most –  people making decisions. So, whether you say: “Yes, I want it” or “No, that’s not for me”, or “That’s not the time now” – I want you to be making this decision in an informed way. So, that is it. So, if the first question was, do you actually need The Rocket? The simple answer would be – No, you don’t. I’m not gonna lie to you. It’s something that I created over a year ago, at the time of recording is January 2023. And I’ve run three editions of it. And the lessons I learned from whether teachers need it or not clearly state that. No, you can totally do without it, but obviously, I knew you were, you were sensing about coming: “Why would you not take it?” That’s a better question – “Why would you not want to accelerate your progress?”, “Why would you not want to have all the information that you need to build a profitable business given to you on a plate in a comprehensive and comprehensible way, by someone who knows the industry?”, because this is a bit more relevant. I feel like I would never push anyone to buy anything from me, just because I want to make money. I really want people to buy it, because they feel like it’s their time. They’re ready to dedicate time and energy and money into building a sustainable business. And I want those people on this program. So no, you don’t need it. But if you are the person who was at that kind of crossroads or maybe you are new to being an independent teacher, maybe you’ve already built like a…, you know, an established freelance business, let’s say so – you teach students one to one, maybe in groups, maybe one to one, mainly, whatever that is, but you feel like you would want to do more, maybe you’ve heard of the idea of passive income or maybe you just kind of have this limiting beliefs somewhere running around your head that I’m a teacher, so I should probably just shut up, grin and bear it. Whatever, that means in that profession, so probably like, you know, making peanuts and just, you know, pretending that we’re all on a mission and teachers who did go into that profession know what they signed up for, and all that kind of jobs. 

So if you, if you’re feeling that you are ready for more, that there is more potential in you, and that you can build a business and would want to know how to build it, then yeah, I think that the course will be useful. I totally think that. So, the experience I’ve had with the 20, sorry, 52, not 25, 52 participants of the course so far is as follows. There is a group of people, and I would say that it’s about 20% of them, so not too many, but about 20% of those people, their life completely changed, thanks to taking the course. So they are selling digital products. Now, they at least have raised their prices and are moving towards teaching groups, they know what to offer, they are experimenting more and more. And I calculated it once from the people that I know of, if you’re listening to it and have done The Rocket, but haven’t told me then please do. The average increase in people’s income after doing The Rocket is about 60%. So, people share with me how much they charged and how much they charge now, or like how much they charged for different courses and offers. And that’s literally the average, which is amazing. So this is 20%, then there are people who kind of took the course. And they took a little bit of a longer route, because they couldn’t know there were obstacles on the way but they are experimenting, I can see them becoming more and more visible. And this is actually really, really fun to watch, because the first edition of The Rocket was in January 2022, so a year ago. And what I’m seeing now is that people are coming out of their shells after a year. So, I literally like now – it feels a bit stupid to tell you about people’s results, because those results will only just start coming. So like, you know, I would say that the minimum time to see any sort of results from that course. And it is a massive course, is about six months. But I would say that in most people’s cases, it’s going to be about a year, because let’s be honest, you’re not suddenly going to drop everything and just build a business from scratch, you’re going to do it alongside of whether it is working on an online platform that you’re working for or maybe still doing classes at the language school, or maybe still teaching your one to one clients and just changing the rules a little bit. Like it’s gonna happen organically, it’s not gonna happen overnight, right? So never, ever lie to people that, you know, last year, the three editions that I ran lasted 10 to 12 weeks each and I never promised anybody that they would see results after the course, because the course literally gives you knowledge that you will use for a lifetime, not just for the weeks that you’re learning. So, all the business principles that you need to know when it comes to what questions to ask yourself: how to write a business plan?, how to establish who you’re helping?, how to build offers?, how to market?, how to sell and launch all this knowledge?, you will be repeating that, so the fact that somebody does it once, doesn’t mean that it’s a result of the corset, I feel like only like the knowledge of what needs to be done is only the beginning. And I can’t wait honestly in two years, three years time to start seeing what the people from the first editions achieved, because I know it’s gonna be amazing. I know it’s gonna be amazing. So that’s the question. And then, there is also a….. although that’s the breakdown, and then there is also the third group, the third group who I still haven’t figured out, but there are people who took the course. And I think they are ambitious people. They are amazing people who wanted to take a leap, but they’re still scared. And it kind of does feel like oh my god, I couldn’t motivate people to take action but I know they will, because I believe in them. Maybe they knew that they needed that push and that knowledge and everything that the course offers, but they will just act on it a little bit later. I totally, totally believe in that. My other belief that I just carry with me every day is that everybody, honestly, I know it sounds like bragging, but that’s also something that I would want you to adapt when it comes to selling your own offers is that I believe that everybody, sooner or later, will go through The Rocket, by everybody I mean, teachers teach relevant teachers who want to build a business. Oh, no, it’s fun to think that. And, but I know what I’ve put into this program, I know it’s the 100% of what I know, and what is working. And it’s never about… it is like, you know, if people ask me: oh, is it like a blueprint, like a roadmap?” and I would say: it’s definitely not a blueprint, because you will not be recreating something that I’ve got, because I think that’s how I understand a blueprint, but it’s definitely a roadmap, it’s definitely something that shows you what things to consider first, such as niche building, such as deciding on your business model, such as building offers and thinking about, do you want to have one? Do you want to have more? Do you want to have an ascension ladder? Do you want to have a product ecosystem where things are kind of mixed, thinking about pricing? and only then starting to think about stupid Social Media Marketing and launching, because people kind of approach it in a wrong, let’s say order. So yes, it gives you the steps of what to tackle first. So, I would say that while the course covers a lot, and people were saying: “Oh my God, there’s so much information I need to process” and most people who took part in a live additions last year, they said: “I’ll need to rewatch that has always been the idea”, but that’s also why I’m proud of the newly re-recorded version. So depending on when you’re listening to this, January 2023, is the first time when I’ll be launching The Rocket or I’m launching The Rocket as a digital course with an optional life support. So, I really think that life support is important because it keeps people accountable for one simple reason, there is a lot to process in the course and live support live Q and A’s that come in the like second tear of the course, will help people with that. There are other things that I’ve done that will help people even if they decide just to do the digital form of the course, that will help them stay accountable, such as the content being released on the weekly so I will kind of direct how you consume the content from the course. And literally action steps after each lesson workbooks, things like that. 

So because honestly, I don’t think if you don’t think you can dedicate about one to two hours a week to studying and taking action. And by taking action, I mean doing stuff that I asked you to do in the workbook. So sometimes it’s reflection, sometimes it’s planning certain things that you can just kind of realize when the course finishes or immediately doesn’t really matter, to be honest. So if you don’t have that hour or a couple of hours, I don’t think you should be taking the course because there is no point, there is literally no point. So yes, you can, you can buy it and watch it later and like all the modules will be released at some point altogether. But it is much easier to stay motivated when you’ve got someone telling you what to do. Basically, I am a teacher by nature. So that’s how I’ve intended for it to work. So some facts the features of the course or the course has 33 pre-recorded lessons ranging from add thing, like seven minutes to I want to say 30 minutes being the longest video, some of them are longer because there is more meaty knowledge when it comes to marketing or launching, but most of them are like between 10 and 20, so not too hard. Each lesson has a workbook. In each workbook, there are pages for you to reflect on. Ask your own questions and plan different things such as sometimes it’s strategy, sometimes it’s planning who your ideal client is, like, all sorts of things. And I will tell you exactly how to do that. So there are the 33 lessons, there is also a separate lesson on how to write your own business plan. There is a dedicated private Facebook group, that’s a new feature, where everybody will hang out, doesn’t matter which tier or when they took the course, so people can stay in touch. And there is also a massive library of additional resources. So the resources are webinars on lots of different topics, such as how to approach building your first website, just introduction to whether you need a website or things like that, and introduction on building communities. A very useful video and training on how to develop a social media strategy, you’re also getting my “99 ideas for social media content” ebook for free, so you don’t have to think about it. And when you’ve consumed the course content, you will know what order to create your content in so that it’s not just going on to Instagram and thinking: “Oh, I should probably create and post something”, because it’s not really effective. So I show you an alternative and I show you how to approach content creation. So there are lots and lots and lots of different resources like that. There is also an opportunity to obviously network and ask questions in the Facebook group where all the other Rocketers will hang out. Obviously, so that’s like the second Facebook group I run, I also have the Richer Teachers free group for all my paying clients. So you can totally be part of both where you can ask questions, and also what happened in the previous editions of The Rocket and I think that was brilliant that people organize their own mini sub-groups to practice certain things or talk through certain things. So it was so useful, because people not only made great friends and people that they can collaborate with, they also got feedback from them. Because I as a coach, my value is that, yes, I can give people feedback and tell them: Oh, this is great, but you could improve this. You know, it’s the role of a teacher and like it’s inevitable, but my kind of value and something that I deeply believe in is making people aware that they know more than they give themselves credit for. They have more internal sort of knowing intuition, intelligence, to take action without asking all the time for feedback or validation that they can do it. So in that course, I will be asking you lots of questions. And sometimes the answers won’t be completely clear. But the only thing that you can do is experiment. So, it’s something, it’s a skill, I think it’s a skill that you can build that I adapted while building my own business. So, that’s the attitude, I also will be teaching that sometimes it’s not enough or it doesn’t matter if you ask me if the price of your xyz product is okay, you have to go and try and sell it. And this is how you will know how people will feel about it, how you will feel about it. So, there will be lots of that, but I will also tell you: how to approach certain things, how to market, how to price like obviously. So, there is a good balance in the course of practical knowledge as well as lots of like resilience building of an entrepreneur because I think people forget about how important it is. At the end of the day, the course in its current shape or form, it may change in the future, lasts five to six weeks. You watch content, you can ask questions, but then you’re left to your own devices. So, if in the duration of that course you don’t develop the habit of not asking questions all the time, but just trusting yourself, then it’s going to be really hard in the entrepreneurial world. And the final question, and it’s something that people ask me, so how is this course different from other business courses? And, I immediately want to say it’s not that’s not true, because it is. These courses’ unique selling point is, and the thing that it delivers the most is – the relevance to the language teaching world. It teaches you building a business from scratch, but in terms that you understand and in a way that will be relevant to you specifically. Not any, not a yoga teacher, not a, you know, fitness person, not a nutritionist to a language teacher. And I think that’s really strong. Number two, it’s, I feel like I’m the unique selling point of the course as well. So, me with your baggage of experience expertise in the field, but also totally hands on experience of building my own business. And my passion for just sharing it with my tribe, teachers of language is what makes it super special. 52 people have trusted it so far. And there are 60-59 people currently on the waitlist, or where before the course launch started. So, I think people are starting to trust it, people are starting to see what it means. And, so if that sounds like something you’ll be interested in, something that you’re ready for. So, perhaps not at the very beginning, perhaps when you’ve already tried a few bits, taught a few students on a freelance basis, and you’re ready to take that leap, make your own opportunities, as I said in my masterclass and in the previous episode, rather than look for opportunities, then this course is for you. You don’t need it, it’s not necessary. I believe in your creativity and your potential and your strengths so much that I know you can figure it out on your own. But why would you? …when there is someone who is passionate about helping, and there is no shame in asking for help. Because beautiful things can happen when you do, when you surrender to being a learner yourself as well. Alright, so I’m super excited. If you’re interested, just go to the website, www.olakowalska.com/the-rocket. Surprisingly?! And you can buy whichever option you want, the doors close now in this edition on the third of February. And if you have any questions, any other things that you don’t know, I would love to have a chat with you. So, please just let me know. Upon signing up, you have immediate access to the first few things: the welcome video, the business plan, and the Facebook group as well as the first module, and later on the modules will be released weekly. So be patient, pace yourself in your learning. Okay, I’m super excited. Let’s build your rocket together. If you’re ready, and when you’re ready, I can’t wait to do this with you.

It’s not your fault that you don’t know how to make good money as a teacher or how to market your teaching. Nobody’s ever taught you but I’m on a mission to change that. Teachers make the world a better place and they can be excellent at business. They just need direction. That’s what I’m giving you here and on my YouTube channel under the same name. Make sure that you also follow me on Instagram @ola_coaches_teachers and check out my website www.olakowalska.com to see if any of my paid offers, including my one-to-one coaching, my business foundation course The Rocket or my membership for teachers in business could be the right fit for you. 

I’ll see you soon in the next episode.