Episode 7: Consistency is key in building an online brand! – chatting with Clare and Naomi @hotshotenglish

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We all know consistency is essential. But how do we actually achieve it?

In this episode, I enjoyed talking to the fabulous duo from @hotshotenglish – Naomi and Clare. They both created a unique brand in the online ELT space and are definitely super consistent with every aspect of it!

We talked about their journey to building Hotshotenglish and how it ties in with their other commitments in life – including teaching, teacher training, a nearly full-time job, and kids – that’s a LOT! But they still plough on, show up and never give up! CONSISTENCY is absolutely key for them.

Naomi and Clare are long-time friends, and even though they actually live in different countries, they managed to share the responsibilities of running their Instagram profile perfectly. Their colours are outstanding, the content highly relevant to their audience, and they are just themselves so it rarely feels like a chore. It helps that they both have years of experience in ELT 🙂

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