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How many times did you want to raise your prices but were afraid that people would leave? How many times did you give someone a discount out of fear that they would leave? How often did you get a bit desperate about money in your teaching business?

I’m going to let you ponder on these questions and offer a reframe in case you’ve ever been stressed about charging, pricing and generally selling your lessons.

  • Please remember that people don’t make decisions about whether they want to study with you based solely on PRICE
  • Remember that you’re not charging for lessons, you’re charging for RESULTS that people get thanks to working with you
  • And please know (and start believe in it for real) that the exchange of a great service for money is natural and IT IS NOT greedy to ask for more when you see proof that people are getting better results
  • When you invest money in your development as a teacher or a business owner the value of your services is higher! 

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