Episode 5: Create your own space on social media and show up as you are – chatting to Deepika @acquireng

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In this episode, I had an inspiring chat with the excellent Deepika from @acquireeng.

The topics that came up in our chat were really deep and inspiring. We started talking about the magic of feeling that teaching is your vocation. Then we moved on to our perception of Instagram and how it changed over the years. We both felt that Instagram is not a platform for educators or people who offer actual valuable knowledge. But we changed our minds when we started seeing people post some amazing stuff and met some really inspiring people, and eventually when we met each other!

Deepika describes how her journey with Instagram looked, how come she still doesn’t feel very confident even though she is so active there and proves one rule that I always repeat: Do it despite the fear and before you are ready! She is a living example of the fact that it is possible!

Deepika runs a really original account where she obviously talks about studying the English language studying but also touches on reading as her favourite language skill that she likes helping her students develop and some critical social issues as well. She is very engaged with her community and makes the ELT world a better place with her original approach and positive attitude. Give her a follow and make sure to check out her Sunday Clubhouse lounge for teachers. It’s really cool!

What an honour to have a guest like that who clearly stands out in ELT (even if she doesn’t always believe she does)!

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