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I know, I know. You want your tips and tricks and how-tos on how to build and scale a teaching business, so will I just shut up about MINDSET. 

Nope, not gonna happen!

Your mindset is EVVVVERYTHING. 

If things don’t go according to the plan, if your launch fails, if you’re stressed about money, if you haven’t had any students enquiring about lessons, if your content strategy doesn’t work, do you know what’s going to help?

If you do, that’s great, because I don’t. 

What I know is that your mindset will HELP YOU DEAL WITH THE CRISIS.

So, if you please, let me tell you why and how that’s going to work. Listen to this week’s episode and let me know what limiting beliefs you still have about yourself or your teaching business!

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Now, it’s time to go get richer, teacher!