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Here are a few questions I wanted to ask you:

  1. How much time do you spend on teaching and how much on admin in your usual week?
  2. How much do you hate Mondays or how desperate are you for the weekend in your usual week?
  3. How many things do you do manually (invoicing/scheduling lessons/content posting etc)?
  4. How many times a week do you sit down to plan lessons and how many bespoke lesson plans do you create?

Basically, all I want to know is DO YOU HAVE ANY AUTOMATED SYSTEMS in your business, or do you just go with the flow?

Your business should be EASY, AUTOMATED and bring you money and satisfaction. I’m not saying that setting up those systems won’t require work but it’s definitely worth it!

Let me help you by pointing you to the direction of the systems in your business that you need in my newest podcast episode.

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Now, it’s time to go get richer, teacher!