Episode 4: The one thing that you need to master in order to be successful in your teaching business

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People assume that business is just business – it either works, or it doesn’t.

But there is so much more to it! And it all starts with your mindset and energy. If you’re not energetically ready for success, you will not be successful.

Mindset is a muscle – it can be worked on, flexed, and exercised, but people don’t see it as a necessity. While in fact, it is inevitable if you want to receive success, abundance, and all the things you want and build your dream life.

Mindset starts with realising that it is A THING. It is important, it is necessary to admit that without being in the right frame of mind, even the best strategies, courses and other forms of support will not work!

And that’s why I talk about working on your limiting beliefs so much! I believe the work on your business starts with you! There are so many of them for us, teachers,

  • Ideas about comparing yourself to others – (‘So many people do it and they’re great at it so I can’t succeed’ etc)
  • Ideas about trying to price your teaching services competitively in the market (‘I can’t charge more because people won’t buy’)
  • Ideas about your own worth and how much you’re willing to invest in yourself (in terms of time and money) (‘I can’t spend that much on my development because I’m not ‘ready’)
  • The ideas about having to do everything on your own (‘If I ask for help, it’ll mean I’m not capable’)

And many more.

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Now, it’s time to go get richer, teacher!