Episode 13: Teaching, training, and podcasting in ELT – chatting with Erin O’Byrne

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Here’s another dose o inspiration for you! I’ve decided to interview an absolute gem of a woman – Erin O’Byrne from @everythingeflteacher.

Erin has been teaching and training teachers for years. A couple of years ago, she and a colleague of hers started a podcast. Even though her colleague left, she’s been serving EFL teachers from around the world by sharing her knowledge tips and with in her podcast on her own. And she is so natural at it!!!

My personal favourites are her episodes about creativity and the one about RuPaul (her personal little obsession). Tune in and listen to this funny, motivating chat to find out more about:

* podcasting as a teacher
* what makes a good teacher, according to Erin
* her favourite methods of getting students to come out of their shells and speak!

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