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We see you, teacher…

You’ve been posting on Instagram for a while. Following all the advice. Filming funny reels. Speaking on stories. Spending hours creating educational content.

Your audience is growing, and you’re showing up with confidence.

From the outside, things look GREAT.

The problem is, your engagement has plummeted (IG’s fault, not yours). Any likes and comments you get never seem to translate into new students. And no matter how much valuable knowledge you share, you still…

Get more comments and likes from other teachers and freeloaders than genuinely interested students.
Receive annoying messages from random people who expect you to teach them for free. 🙄
Feel personally victimised by the nasty algorithm, which you can never seem to please (you even danced for it!)
Find yourself second-guessing your expertise, comparing yourself to other teachers and worrying you’re just wasting your time.

Because you’re giving so much away and getting so little in return.

But what else can you do?

Social media is how you market yourself, and if you hit pause on posting to take a well-deserved break, you’ll only regret it later… right?

Here’s the thing, teacher…

You’re not wasting your time by creating content - but something does need to change.

Because relying solely on social media to market your business is like depending on motivation to learn a language.

It’s unreliable, unpredictable, and it could disappear at any time.

And if you were to lose access to your Instagram account, you wouldn’t just wave bye-bye to your content but to your entire audience.

Then all that work you’ve put in really would have gone to waste.

And you know you deserve better than that.

The good news is there’s an easier way to protect your audience
and market your language courses.

One that’s more reliable, more enjoyable and more personal. One that you can take full ownership of and start seeing results from much more easily.

Yep, an email newsletter can make all that time you spend creating content fun and effective because it…

Gives you an algorithm-free route to your most engaged audience - people who literally signed up to hear from you
Allows you to personalise your messaging, share stories and create stronger connections with potential students
Creates a more personal space for you to express yourself authentically without worrying about being judged (or told you’ve got ‘conversion killers’ on your profile)
Feels more conversational and authentic rather than forced and unnatural
Inspires you to show up more often because you actually enjoy creating content!

And the even better news? You’re in the perfect position to start.

Instagram might be sucking the enthusiasm out of you right now, but think of it this way:

You’ve built an audience.
You’ve created a bank of useful content.
You’ve made a name for yourself in your niche.

Really, you’re in the PERFECT position to take some of your energy eggs out of the social media basket and invest them into starting a newsletter.

“But wait… I barely have time to create content as it is!
How will I ever fit a newsletter in as well!?”

We know you’re super busy, and that might sound impossible right now. But this isn’t about adding MORE work to your already packed plate.

It’s about prioritising a more profitable marketing channel that allows you to create deeper connections with your ideal students and start seeing better results from your work.

But don’t just take it from us. Studies have shown that email is loads more effective at converting students than social media.

Email has around a 174% higher conversion rate than social media.
Email open rates sit between 20-50% while less than 10% of your social media followers see your posts.
Email click rates are around 3.5% higher than Facebook

Hey, teacher! We’re Ola and Lauren - your business best friend and word wizz

As a business coach for teachers (Ola) and a language education copywriter (Lauren), we see WAY too many incredibly talented educators sharing tons of value and growing their audiences on social media…

… but still struggling to turn all those followers into paying fans.

And while we believe social media does play an important role in growing your business, we KNOW it’s not the only (or the easiest) way.

But we also know that this weird world of marketing and sales is new to you, so simply telling you to start a newsletter is about as useful as telling your students to *just learn* the present perfect.

Because although there’s heaps of advice about how to do it online, nothing clearly explains how to make email marketing work for you as a language teacher.

So you can guess what we did, right? We created it!


Email fluent 

A live 5-week email marketing course that gives language teachers the knowledge, tools and confidence to start, send and sell through their very own email newsletter.

Next edition coming soon!

Across 5 live group training sessions, Q&As and friendly pokes to take action, you’ll:

Discover everything involved in starting and running an email newsletter

Create an email marketing set-up you feel totally confident using

Know how often to send your newsletter and what to write about

Learn to sell in a casual, cringe-free way that feels good

Develop a plan of how to stay in touch with and grow your list

And, if you do the work as we go, you’ll graduate with your very own email system that takes strangers on a journey to becoming students.

Ready to get fluent in all things email marketing? Here’s what we’ll cover.

A1 - Setting you up for success

24/05/2023 at 12PM BST/1PM CET

Before you can write a really good email, you need to know what to write about - and that’s usually what holds teachers back from getting started.

After this module, you’ll have a clear idea of what you can talk about in your newsletter (hint: it’s endless), how often you should send it AND how to format your emails so people read them.

Walk away knowing:

- How and where to start your list
- How to email your list legally
- How to get people on your list
- How to organise your list

A2 - Types of emails

31/05/2023 at 12PM BST/1PM CET

Next, we’ll explore the two main types of marketing emails: newsletters and sequences. We’ll cover their purposes, the differences and key writing techniques so you can confidently create them.

Walk away knowing:

- What types of emails to send
- How and where to sell in emails
- How to welcome people to your list
- How to re-engage sleepy subscribers

B1 - Writing the emails

07/06/2023 at 12PM BST/1PM CET

Before you can write a really good email, you need to know what to write about - and that’s usually what holds teachers back from getting started.

After this module, you’ll have a clear idea of what you can talk about in your newsletter (hint: it’s endless), how often you should send it AND how to format your emails so people read them.

Walk away knowing:

- What to write about
- How often to send
- How to write a great subject line
- How to write emails that get read

B2 - Emails that make sales

14/06/2023 at 12PM BST/1PM CET

Let’s face it… if you’re not selling to your email list, you’ve just got a LOT of pen pals. Nice in theory, but not good for business.

In this module, we’ll cover the when, what and how of selling in your newsletters, leaving you with ALL the knowledge and ALL the confidence you need to speak about your services naturally and confidently.

Walk away knowing:

- When to sell
- What to sell
- How to sell

C1 - Ready, steady, GROW

21/06/2023 at 12PM BST/1PM CET

Because email is such a powerful marketing channel, it’s worth putting more effort into growing your list than growing your social media followers.

We’ll finish the course exploring how you can spread the word about your newsletter and increase your subscribers to maximise your chances of selling more.

Walk away knowing:

- How to grow your list
- How to nurture your list
- How to move forward

Can’t join live? Don’t worry. Everything will be recorded and shared with you, and you can ask us questions any time throughout the course. Plus you get lifetime access to the recordings and any upgrades of the course free of charge!

Join us in class for only... £299 (or 3x£100)

Before working with you I didn't even know where to start with my newsletters. Now I understand how important they are, how to set up my email marketing system and how to manage it.
You are a genius!!!"

Asia R.


You didn’t think that was all, did you?

As if we’d leave you at C1. You’ve got all the makings of a C2 superstar, which is why, as well as 5 LIVE info-packed training sessions and actionable tasks, we’re also throwing in a few bonuses to propel you in your journey to email fluency.

#1 50 subject line lingo templates

Your email subject lines can make or break your email performance. So, it’s no wonder they’re so darn hard to write. We’ve experimented with a TON of different approaches, learning, tweaking and gathering data on what works… and what doesn’t.

And we’ve packaged that knowledge into a juicy little guide that includes 50 subject line templates and examples - and an explanation of why and when you might want to use them.

#2 50 content ideas

The great thing about email newsletters is that you can make them your own. Buuuut we all know that’s no use when you’re sitting in front of a blank Google doc, wondering what the fluff to write.

In this bonus guide, you’ll find 50 newsletter content ideas you can tweak to suit your biz or draw inspiration from next week, next month, and next year.

#3 Welcome sequence template

Your welcome sequence isn’t just a chance to say hey to your new subscribers… it’s also a golden opportunity to introduce your courses and sell something.

This template/framework will help you figure out what to write and when to send your welcome emails so they give your new leads the VIP tour of your business.

#4 Email performance progress tracker

Number nerd or not, you can’t ignore the importance of data in email marketing. Open rates, clicks and conversions tell you a LOT about your content and your subscribers, and tracking them can help you improve the return on your efforts.

We’ve broken things down to be SUPER clear and SUPER simple, so you can easily track your metrics - and know what they mean.

#5 Freebie on the fly

The easiest way to build your email list? Promoting a high-value freebie that answers a common concern of your ideal students. We’ll cover the ins and outs of a lead magnet in the live course, but we’re not just leaving it there.

Ola’s explaining how to create a freebie that gets the right people on your list in this exclusive bonus course.

We created this course for YOU

The Instagrammed-out teacher who’s sick of spending hours creating content only to lack enquiries about your classes.
The language teaching superstar who’s built an engaged audience on social media and is ready to nurture and protect them from the algorithm enemies.
The ambitious business owner who knows they’re on the right track but needs a bit of guidance in taking the next step.
The action-taker who’s created an email list maybe even sent some emails but needs help turning those subscribers into students.

Because you deserve to pour your energy and passion into a platform that doesn’t suck it out of you - and see exciting results from your work.

That’s what Email Fluent is designed to help you do

This isn’t just more generic information targeting every biz owner and their friends. And it won’t leave you feeling lost, confused and unmotivated because you get zero actual support.

We’ve built this course especially for language teachers because we know you’re unique!

Over the five weeks, we’ll be on the other side of the screen, guiding you, answering your questions and giving you the friendly nudge you need to take action.

So, by the end, you won’t just have an email list and no clue what to do with it. You’ll have a clear idea of how to send impactful emails, grow your list and turn subscribers into students.

Not to mention a whole new level of confidence in your marketing. 😁

We know you might have questions…

Is this right for me?

If you’re a language teacher who has been posting on social media and has built an audience but is feeling so fed up with lower engagement and a lack of conversions, this is definitely for you.

In fact, even if you’re doing really well on social media, this is for you. An email list is like insurance for your business. The sooner you start it, the sooner you can grow your audience safe in the knowledge that no algorithm will take them away from you.

I already have an email list. Will I get anything out of this?

Absolutely, teacher. The reason this page is directed towards people who haven’t started a list is because most language teachers we speak to are very new to the marketing world and aren’t sure where to start.

The fact that you’re a couple of steps ahead is AMAZING. But unless you’re already making most of your sales through email, your list is constantly growing and you have built out your email sales funnel, you’ll still learn plenty from this course.

I don’t have a website. Can I still start a newsletter?

YES! Not having a website is not a reason to deprive yourself of starting an email newsletter. You can host your list using one of the many email marketing platforms (at a budget that suits you) and share your sign up form with your audience or link it from your Instagram.

We suggest starting a newsletter BEFORE you have a website because it’s more affordable, more direct and easier to see results from quickly.

What if I can’t attend live?

Everything will be recorded and shared with you AND you can get back to us with questions at any time throughout the course.

Got more questions? No problem! We know how scary-exciting it is to invest in your business like this, and we only want to make sure this is the right decision for you. Drop us an email or reach out on Instagram to ask us anything.

Will I see results right away from email?

No! Like most marketing, it takes time to build trust via email before you can really see incredible results. Don’t let that disheartened you, though.

By using the tools and following the advice we share in this course, you’ll learn to get consistent, send great emails and build your list to the point that people will want to buy from you.

Are you ready to take your marketing into your own hands?


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