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Attract paying students effortlessly: discover the simple steps to effective
language teaching marketing (that feels good too).

So how is this whole marketing thing going for you, teacher?

Have you been trying all possible Instagram hacks? Dancing on reels? Creating stories every day?
Do you still wonder how the heck to find more students to teach?
Do you wish marketing was just less sleazy? Do you find yourself having to convince students to sign up to your lessons?
Do you feel like you could never be good at marketing because you want to help people rather than worry about it? 
Or maybe you just feel lost because after all, nobody ever taught you marketing when you were studying to become a teacher?!

All of these are pretty common, so not to worry.
Most teachers have felt like this at some point!

But here's the thing. It doesn't have to be this way!

Imagine a thriving language teaching or coaching business where you actually know what to do to get a steady flow of students, where you don't have to point at things in a silly video on Instagram and where you feel like you're actually connecting with your people. 

Imagine a world where your passion for teaching languages is not only making a positive impact on your students' lives but also leading you towards a thriving teaching business. 

Where you  confidently promote your classes and courses, effortlessly attracting paying students who are genuinely excited to learn from you. No more feeling like you have to convince someone to join your classes - instead, you'll be effortlessly showcasing the value you provide and enrolling students who are eager to embark on their language learning journey with you. 

Marketing does get to be easy. Marketing does get to feel good. But only if you do it AUTHENTICALLY.



An introductory training to how to get students genuinely interested in your lessons in six simple steps

understand the basic marketing terms so you finally feel more competent about your marketing (and have a go at my fun quiz, because... I told you amrketing can feel good and even fun!)
learn the 3 things that need to happen before you even start to promote your services (that goes way beyond posting social media content yet nobody talks about it!)
learn how to build the simplest funnel for your teaching business to create a smooth journey for strangers who find out about you to becoming keen paying clients and students (and who also stay for longer!)
find out how relationship marketing can be the alternative to the pushy, sleazy tactics the marketing gurus are trying to make you use to get students (bleugh.)

You will only regret that you haven't invested earlier

"We teachers are great at what we do but we suck at marketing. 

You need this training to show you how it's done. Ola will show you exactly what to do and you will only regret that you haven't invested earlier."

Ania Karwowska


Hey, I'm Ola!

If we've never met, I'm your new teaching business BFF. After years of working in the language teaching industry in a variety of roles, I literally have seen everything. And have decided to use all of that knowledge to help independent teachers thrive. 

I work as a business coach and offer support in my two signature programs The Rocket Take Off and The Rocket Accelerator. I also share lots of my knowledge for free on Instagram and in my weekly podcast and newsletter. I have helped a little bit over 500 language teachers from all over the world and there is no way of stopping me now! 

My mission? To see language teachers thrive and enjoy the hell out of life and teaching while achieving financial freedom. Happy teachers = happy students = better world!!

It's your teaching background combined with
your business know-how that I love

"It's your teaching background combined with your business know-how that I love, and the way you share your knowledge so openly with us.

(...)language teaching is a bit of a unique thing and comes with a unique set of problems that you just deal with so amazingly."




There is so much value in this training that it's an absolute no brainer!




a comprehensive video training to teach you the ropes of authentic marketing 
a workbook to help you consolidate what you've learned
the course in a podcast format so you can listen on the go
Join a supportive community of like-minded language teachers and coaches in my exclusive client-only Facebook group

You may still be wondering...

How do I know if this is for me?

If you're a freelance language teacher and still feel that marketing is not your forte or you struggle to have a consistent flow of students then this is definitely for you. Mind you this training covers the foundations of marketing such as targeting an audience, creating an offer and building a very simple funnel so if you know these things already, this is probably going to be a bit redundant for you. 

If you prefer to talk about your personalised marketing strategy, feel free to book a day of coaching with me here!

What exactly is 'Authentic marketing for teachers' and how does it work?

It's a pre-recorded training that lasts for about 50 minutes that you can watch as a video or listen to as a private podcast. It is accompanied by a robust workbook that will help you apply what you've learned and plan some basic aspects of your marketing.

How will it help me make progress in my teaching business? And how is it different from other courses on marketing?

This training will teach you the ropes of marketing in simple teacher-friendly terms. I made it specific to teachers to remove the overwhelm. I included examples that will help you understand generic marketing and apply it to your context. It is not designed to teach you advanced strategies but it will help you think about marketing in an effective way.

How long do I have access to the recordings for?

Forever or however long I offer it!

How long do I have access to the recordings for?

Forever or however long I offer it!

Can I have an invoice?

Absolutely! Just fill out all the fields when making the purchase and an invoice will automatically be sent to you!

What if I have more questions?

No problem! Don't hesitate to ask me anything using the chat window on my website (the little pink heart in the bottom right corner of the page). I'm happy to help!

If you have questions while going through the training you will have access to me (and other teachers who took the course!) inside my private Facebook group, too!

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