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Tired of hearing irrelevant business advice?

Learn how to build a language teaching business your own, aligned way

… without toxic consistency, making silly figures and becoming a pushy sales person!

In this FREE audio course, you will find out:

The truth about social media and marketing your language services effectively
What steps you’ll need to take to become an entrepreneur while still doing what you love
What to invest in and how to start thinking like a business owner while being a passionate teacher who wants to help their students
How you can start growing your business beyond 1:1 classes and what mistakes to avoid in scaling it
How to actually sell your lessons and courses so it feels good

…and all of this in the format of a private podcast that you can either listen to on your daily walks or binge listen to in one go!

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Generic business advice does not apply to passionate teachers who care about their students more than they care about making tons of money.

Stop listening to voices that push you to do things you don’t feel good about in the name of building a successful business.

You get to define success for yourself.

Have we met yet? 😁

Hi, I’m Ola.

I was also a teacher once, and then a teacher trainer, and a manager and then I became a coach and mentor for people in the language teaching field. So, yeah, I know the language world quite well.

My biggest value is helping teachers like you feel good about building their own business. A business where they can still feel like themselves while helping students and making good money that they deserve. Are you one of those teachers?

Don’t just take my word for it — here’s what other teachers have said
about my work:

Ignore the gurus. Build your business YOUR way.

Grab it now!

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