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Hey, I’m Ola - a no-nonsense teacher business coach with tons of energy and a thousand ideas a minute.

(Which I’d be so happy to share with you too! 😁)

I’m not the kind of coach who promises you’re one secret away from success.

To be honest, I would rather we don’t work together if that’s what you want! Because building a thriving language teaching business isn’t about following trends or mimicking what other teachers are doing. It’s about finding what works for you.

So, when we work together, I won’t just give you a generic blueprint to follow. I’ll get to know you, your business, your strengths and your vision and help you create your own route to success - whatever that may look like for you.

My superpower is helping you distil your geniuses and passions into offers that are irresistible for your students.

And marketing them in a way that feels sustainable, enjoyable and easy!

Because running a teaching business is hard enough without worrying about filming reels, finding hashtags and posting a million times a day. None of which are necessary, by the way.

“Ola genuinely shows you all the possible paths to help you to finally take your own action. Always sincere, never pushy, she'd rather not sell than force you to buy the wrong offer: Isn't this an excellent marketing lesson itself?”

Veronica Beccari

English teacher from Italy

I don’t believe teachers need to make 6 figures to be fulfilled. But you should probably charge more and work less.

I realised that a long time ago, when I was working as a teacher trainer at a language school. It was the same old story: fabulous teachers doing amazing work for very little money.

After working in the ELT industry for over a decade, this was hardly a surprise. But I’d had enough.

So, I left to start my own online English school, where I could pay my teachers a happy wage. I learnt all about sales and marketing and built a successful online business.

But then I realised that freelancing has its own set of problems.

Superstar teachers struggling to find students, being ripped off by platforms or even lured into using ‘secret’ sales strategies that didn’t even work. Perhaps you can relate?

I wanted to use what I’d learned about business, marketing and sales to help THEM build a better life for themselves. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing since 2021!

My business in numbers 🔢



Happy teacher clients



years in the language teaching industry



£££ spent on professional development

When we work together, you won’t only get a business coach. You’ll also get a:


I marry my past experience as a teacher, teacher trainer, and manager with my business and marketing expertise to help you plan, build and sell irresistible and super effective language offers.


I have a special superpower for helping you push through the walls of fear and self-doubt and see yourself and your work in a totally different, bright and beautiful light.


I’m here to give permission to your crazy ideas, advice on how to implement them and a biiiiig dose of energising accountability to make sure you launch them into the world.

“Ola is the most authentic teacher business coach I have ever come across. She not only has great knowledge about the perks and challenges of what it means to be a freelance language teacher, she is also able to tailor her advice to the specific needs of each individual. I love her enthusiasm and approach to sales.”

Asia Fendrychova

English teacher from the Czech Republic

Get to know me a little bit better:

Things I'd definitely take to the Moon 🌑

My boys, Luke and Leon
My sausage dog, Libby
My Audible app!

Stuff I'd leave behind 🫠

Olives, raisins and salmon - yuck!!
Being told what to do (a true Gemini 😁)
Bureaucracy (ugh!!)
Things limiting my creativity

“Ola's authenticity, positivity and expertise can help move mountains. It's rare in the market to pay so much attention to values and that's what I consider to be her biggest advantage.”

Anna Szostakowska

Neurolanguage coach, Poland

Can't wait to work with me? Yay! Me too.

I’d really love to welcome you into my world and help you grow a thriving language business. If you’re ready for that, click the button below to learn more about my offers!

Ola Coaches Teachers offers online business coaching programs for language teachers.

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