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Save Time and Effort on Social Media: Get Your Hands on 99 Ready-to-Use Content Ideas Specifically Designed for Language Teachers and Coaches! 💡👩‍🏫

Let me guess...

You've opened your social media account(s) and you log on every day and think that you should probably post something (because everyone knows you should be present on social media if you want your business to grow!)
But then your brain goes blank and you get stressed and it all becomes a chore and you say you hate social media and the algorithm.
You find it hard to balance teaching AND posting and doing it consistently...
Or maybe you have been posting but it is not bringing you new students or the results that you want
You may even notice that the 'word of the day' and other language-related posts are just a bit silly (THEY DEFINITELY ARE).

You're definitely not alone.

But what if you could...

effortlessly stay on top of your social media game, attracting students to your language teaching business with every post
receive an abundance of positive feedback, likes, comments, and follows from relevant individuals who are not only engaged with your content but also become your paying students
Say goodbye to wasting time and effort on ineffective posts that fail to generate any meaningful engagement
post more than just new phrases but things that genuinely matter, make a difference and do a great job at promoting your expertise and your teaching services


99 social media content ideas for teachers

An ebook that will help you never run out of content ideas ever again. 

Never run out of ideas again!

Discover a treasure trove of 99 creative and engaging content ideas specifically tailored for language teachers and coaches. From interactive posts to thought-provoking questions, this comprehensive e-book will inspire you to captivate your audience every single day.

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Remember, the goal is to stay on top of social media posting without sacrificing your precious teaching time or compromising your values. This resource will empower you to effortlessly create captivating content, engage your audience, and ultimately convert followers into paying students—all while maintaining your authenticity and integrity. Say goodbye to the frustration of content creation and hello to a thriving online presence that truly represents the exceptional teacher or coach you are.

"I can always get inspired by this (small but mighty) book"

I used to struggle with my social media content weekly. Sometimes I ended up posting a random 'language teaching' post (thinking that it's better than nothing - but is it really?)

Thanks to this book, I finally understood there is so much more I can give to my audience. Whenever I run out of ideas, I can always get inspired by this (small but mighty) book. Now I know that even if I'm too busy to design my own content, I can still show up and provide my audience with posts which are relatable and fun - and they do the trick for my business. Thanks Ola for creating it!

Alicja Kluczkowska


99 social media content ideas for teachers


access an ebook with 99 reusable social media content ideas for posts, reels, carousels and even podcasts, blogs or freebies!
each idea comes with an example applicable to different language teaching niches!
an exclusive invitation to my client-only Facebook group Richer Teachers where you can get live support from me and network with my other clients!

You might be wondering...

How do I know if this is for me?

Are you a language teacher? DO you want to find students for your teaching business via social media? Do you get stuck with new ideas for content? Do you want to finally get consistent with posting engaging content that attracts new students to your world? Then yes, this is for you!

Can you explain more about the 99 social media content ideas included in the e-book?

These ideas are specifically designed with language teachers and coaches in mind. They go waaaaay beyond language posts or grammar explanations because they make them relevant to YOUR audience and therefore are much more engaging. The e-book comes with a meaty explanation as well so you know how to use it. Every idea comes with an example so it's easier for you to come up with your own content piece.

Here's an example!

A common mistake Polish people living in the UK make when trying to speak English.

Imagine having 99 of these!

How long do I have access to the resource? When will I get it?

You'll get access to it immediately so you can start using it straight away! I only ask not to share it with anyone as it;s my intelectual property 🙂

Can I have an invoice?

Absolutely! Just fill out all the fields when making the purchase and an invoice will automatically be sent to you!

What if I have more questions?

No problem! Don't hesitate to ask me anything using the chat window on my website (the little pink heart in the bottom right corner of the page). I'm happy to help!

If you have questions while going through the ebook you will have access to me (and other teachers who have it too!) inside my private Facebook group!

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