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Ready to get paying students through your social media?

Grab my free guide: 7 mistakes freelance language teachers make on social media and how to avoid them!

Use this free guide to help you:

Get clear on the 7 typical mistakes most teachers make that don't allow you to get paying students through Instagram, Facebook or any other social media platform you use for your business (posting words, grammar or pronunciation bits? nah, that's not really how marketing works I'm afraid! #caughtout 😅)
For each of the mistakes get an actionable tip so you can start implementing what you learn and start getting students even today (because ultimately you need to change what you're doing if you ant to see better results, right?!)
Find out what essential steps you need to take to actually start selling your classes and courses via social media (and no, it doesn't include growing a massive following!)

Hi, I'm Ola!

And I'm all about helping language teachers and coaches (and school owners!) build thriving businesses using strategies that feel manageable and enjoyable.

I created this free resource because literally every teacher I know is great at what they do yet most of them struggle with marketing and I want to change that. I believe that what you need to succeed (aka work with students you love and make really good money while sharing your passion) doesn't require tons of followers or teaching the language for free on Instagram. It's actually much simpler and and I'm on a mission to help you with that!

Privately, I've got an excess of positive energy, I listen to tons of audiobooks about personal development and live in the UK with my husband, my son and our tiny sausage dog, Libby. 

Don’t just take my word for it — here’s what other teachers have said
about my work:

Let's get you some clarity and motivation to turn your passion for teaching into a business that thrives!

Grab it now!

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