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Ready to build your teaching business with MAXIMUM support from someone who's helped 200+ teachers like YOU?

"Ola holding space, asking open questions, and giving me time to find my own answers was what I needed to reach clarity about the heavy stuff."

Sure, while working with Ola, I've launched two 1:1 products and a lead magnet, overhauled my website, developed a social media strategy, and got loads of practical tips and tricks for running my business. 

But you know what made working with her so powerful? Being able to talk through everything. And I mean everything - all my questions, doubts, resistances (money block, anyone?), and worries. Ola holding space, asking open questions, and giving me time to find my own answers was what I needed to reach clarity about the heavy stuff - who I wanted to be as a business owner and a language coach.

Petra Volkhausen


Let me guess...

You are a talented, driven, and motivated educator. You are extremely creative, you care greatly about your students and you believe you have the ideas that could create a profitable business.

Maybe you’ve even started acting on the idea and had some success, but are struggling to stand out online. You feel a bit overwhelmed and are not sure what to do next to make that dream of yours a reality.

You have all the experience and expertise in your teaching field and you know that you can help people. MORE SO! You can change their lives.

Getting started is always the hardest step, but you know that now is the time to take action. And you know there is NO STOPPING now. Because if you stop, you’ll never do it.

You are not alone! I have actually been there myself.

Hey, I'm Ola!

If we haven't met - I'm an EFL teacher - turned CELTA trainer - turned language school manager - turned online school owner - turned business coach for the teachers ! It's been a looooong journey! 😁

I've built my own language teaching business from scratch and it made profit in its first year!
I've got to know the language teaching industry inside out in my 13 years of experience in a variety of roles
In 2021 I started coaching English teachers and then other language teachers and helping them build their own businesses
I've since helped more than 200 people start their businesses, find their own students, charge more, launch new offers, market themselves, AND I'VE GOT SO MUCH MORE TO GIVE!

A bit of a background story...

I went into teaching out of curiosity, passion, and feeling inspired by the people I could help. In my years of teaching young learners, teenagers, adults, business clients, immigrants, and even mums I have begun to notice a pattern of teachers’ existence. They are mainly focused on giving. Which is a great thing, but unfortunately not for those who constantly give.

After years of working, teaching, planning, and being exhausted I decided to take a huge leap and move countries. When I first moved to the UK, my reality looked similar to what I experienced before. Therefore, I decided to push myself even further – I did my DELTA and soon after got my first managerial job in a big language school, where I learned tons of useful things. I then realised my dream of becoming a CELTA trainer. That journey and my expertise made me think that I could actually do something on my own and maybe even be successful?! (Spoiler alert: I AM!)

Because I always craved more freedom, making more impact, and MORE MONEY.

In 2020 I started building my own online business. It was really complicated and overwhelming! At first, I focused on teacher training. Then I also opened a successful online language school (where I managed a team of 6) to finally realise that helping teachers is what I am best at and what brings me the most satisfaction. On my business journey, I have learned vital knowledge about marketing, social media, sales, goals, strategy, money mindset, entrepreneurship mindset, questioning, curriculum design, logistics, accountancy, and payments. And, now I want to share this with YOU, my ELT tribe! And I want to share it with people who are in the position I used to be in. I want to be their guide so they do it FASTER, MORE EFFECTIVELY, and with MORE IMPACT.

How I Can Help YOU Create Your Own
Successful Teaching Business

I have created my 1:1 coaching program that I believe will help you reach the position I am at but WITHOUT the endless research, uncertainty, nobody to be accountable to, doubt, trial and error (well, there will be a bit of that!), and stress.

In a short time we can change your reality, dear teacher. We can get that idea of yours off the ground or improve the one that you’ve already started acting on. This will be with the help of me as your coach, mentor, advisor, expert, and possibly even your friend (I’d really like that…)

Your awesomeness, creativity, drive, and expertise in teaching along with my expertise in business, mindset, strategy, and online entrepreneurship plus my contagious enthusiasm and energy are likely going to CREATE SOMETHING SPECIAL!

I recommend working with Ola 100%!

Ola has helped me understand better how to align my teaching business with my own values, my energy and my true self – and honestly, I believe that’s one of the most important things I’ve ever learnt about being a business owner! There are so many people out there teaching you how to build a successful business and generate a lot of money, yet so many of them forget about the most important thing – how to be happy and aligned with your true purpose in business (and trust me, money will not get you there if you don’t get other things right!) That’s why I love Ola’s approach and energy so much. She will help you overcome your blocking beliefs about teaching and she’ll show you how to become more self-confident both as a teacher and as a business owner. Ola has also showed me some great strategies to promote my group classes and reach my dream clients. I recommend working with Ola 100%!

Paola Menin


What we could work on ✅

help in building your teaching business from scratch
finding solutions that work for YOU and YOUR business ( I hate blueprints!)
ways of expanding your existing biz to wider audiences
overcoming your mindset and money blocks
advice on marketing and finding best ways of marketing for your services
advice on successful sales process
building a website, funnels, landing pages
how to choose your perfect niche & how to stand out online
how to manage your mindset
how to price your courses and other offers
how to turn your ideas into reality and prioritise your actions
what online tools to use when managing an online business
advice on materials creation for your courses
advice on utilising social media for your business
selling without selling
email marketing, newsletters, freebies
running webinars and challenges
making your business run smoother
and many more depending on your needs!

It's your teaching background combined with
your business know-how that I love

"It's your teaching background combined with your business know-how that I love, and the way you share your knowledge so openly with us.

I've done a few different courses since I started my business and they've all been helpful, but genuinely, language teaching is a bit of a unique thing and comes with a unique set of problems that you just deal with so amazingly."

Sam Davies

the UK

What's included in my 1:1 coaching program

1:1 meetings on ZOOM

We will have 1 onboarding, goal-setting call art the beginning. This will be followed by 2 more 60-minute meetings where we will be coming up with your strategy and I will be keeping you accountable!


For the time we're working together (initially it's 1 month) you will have access to EVERYTHING in my vault - all my courses and training!

Whatsapp support

In between our sessions we will be in touch via Whatsapp where you can ask me anything and anytime (well, during working days/working hours😁)

She is a better investment than Bitcoin!

I had the pleasure to work with Ola both in ELTRocket and one-on-one.
Ola is a genius! She not only helped me with my course outline and business basics, but also she has helped me set up my business from scratch! Her support and expertise are off-limits.
I must say, She is an embodiment of creativity and entrepreneurial mindset on steroids! If you have to buy any course or program, I recommend OLA! She is a better investment than Bitcoin! Your ELT business will grow, and you will only regret you had not invested earlier!

Ania Karwowska


1-month of 1:1 coaching


3 1:1 coaching calls
access to EVERYTHING
WhatsApp support for 1 month
there is a possibility to extend the package if you need more support!

Alternatively, you can book a one-off Power Hour with me at £169/hour.

"Ola’s guidance was incredibly useful, it helped us become more confident and feel like we finally knew what we were doing!"

Susan and Lila Witte

the UK


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